Nikita Krasnoperov

Course studied: BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management

Graduating year: 2020

What was your time at university like?

My university experience was extremely diverse and multifaceted. Cass throws you into a very challenging environment from the very beginning, that is why the largest part of my time was devoted to my studies. What I particularly liked about my programme, and Cass programmes in general, is their focused and specialised nature. You are given opportunity to choose modules that appeal to you but are also relevant to your degree area.

However, university is not only about studying – I tried to make the most of various extracurricular activities and career opportunities that Cass had to offer.

In my first year, I started to attend numerous career events that eventually helped me decide what I wanted to do as a career and land a summer internship.

In my second year, I became President of City Checkmate society, the university’s chess club. As part of the committee, I worked in a team of four running a chess society of over 30 members, developing my teamwork and leadership skills that were required on a daily basis. Due to the large time commitment the role entailed, my organisational and time management skills were essential. Through my society engagements, I met a lot of new people, many of whom continue to play a significant role in my life up to this day.

As Cass is located in London, I spent a great time living in this global city and seizing every opportunity to taste everything that it offers.

What was the most memorable part of your university experience?

My dissertation was certainly the most memorable part of my university experience, as I spent my final year at Cass to find and research a topic that I was passionate about. My dissertation was focused on cryptoassets and their regulatory risks, and I greatly enjoyed keeping up to date with the latest developments in finance and technology that were key for my project.

What skills did you gain from your degree which have been particularly helpful in your career?

One of the most significant features of studying at Cass is that you are given an opportunity to study both independently and in a team. Wherever you work, there is a strong chance that you will have to get along with a variety of people. That is one of the reasons why teamwork is so important in the workplace, and Cass gives you every chance to master it.

Time management is another skill you develop at university. You’ll be prioritising tasks on a daily basis in your job, but it’s possible to start improving these skills by applying a few simple tips to university life. You’ll have deadlines to meet and exams to prepare for, as well as many students juggling part-time jobs.

Finally, as most Cass programmes are quantitative and maths-heavy, you gradually develop your analytical skills that are crucial in many finance positions.

What has your career journey been like since graduating?

I am beginning my MSc in Banking and Digital Finance at UCL this September. In the long term, I am looking at a career in fintech which is a ‘hot’ area these days as it is developing at the intersection of finance and technology.

What advice would you give students who are thinking of studying here?

Cass is a great place to study and is worth your investment. Think carefully of what you want to do as a career and try to choose the right programme for you. Studying at Cass, try to do your utmost to meet as many people as you can, network and try something new; however, do not forget to focus on your studies – ultimately, it is what you are here for. Make use of the careers service – they have a vast experience in connecting students and employers. Finally, try to enjoy every day of your time at Cass: Time flies, but memories last forever.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

I can’t live without being challenged, and Cass gave me enough challenges to keep me going!