Language courses

Extra-curricular language courses for Cass undergraduates

For undergraduates studying at Cass, we offer language courses in addition to your degree.

The courses will develop your linguistic abilities in a business context by consolidating language skills, expanding vocabulary, developing listening comprehension and improving speaking ability.

At Cass Business School we recognise that graduates with language skills are better able to compete in a competitive job market. We work in conjunction with City, University of London's Centre for Language Studies to offer the languages that are most frequently requested by recruiters.

Languages and levels offered

  • Arabic: Beginner
  • French: Beginner, Lower-intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced
  • German: Beginner, Lower-intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced
  • Japanese: Beginner, Lower-intermediate
  • Mandarin: Beginner, Lower-intermediate
  • Spanish: Beginner, Lower-intermediate, Upper-intermediate, Advanced

The courses will only run if there is sufficient demand.

What level am I ?

All our courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  This is only a general guide – lecturers will adapt their programme to the linguistic level of the students in the class.


  • No prior qualification necessary
  • No knowledge, apart from a few words maybe
  • Working towards European level (CEFR) A1

Lower intermediate

  • Prior UK qualification equivalent: Pre-GCSE, or rusty GCSE
  • Basic understanding of language
  • Working towards European level (CEFR) A2

Upper intermediate

  • Prior UK qualification equivalent: Good GCSE, rusty AS
  • Good understanding of language
  • Working towards European level (CEFR) B1


  • Prior UK qualification equivalent: A-level
  • Comfortable use of language
  • Working towards European level (CEFR) B2


Classes are delivered for 2 hours per week during term-time.

Teaching style and assessment

During the two classes you will be taught in a variety of ways, including: lectures, group work, work with a partner and short presentations. In self study time, you will be expected to read, listen to the language and use methods to learn more about the culture in which your chosen language is spoken.

Module assessment is 100% coursework. You will also have the opportunity to complete an online language portfolio during your course.

On successful completion of your language course, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate your level of proficiency.


Applications are now closed.

Courses start in the week of 30th September, You will receive an email from the Language Centre by Friday, 27th September.


Each course is completed over one full academic year.

Further information

If you have any questions relating to the provision or content of extra-curricular language courses, please contact or call 0207 040 3400.