Could you please send me an application form?

Applications to Cass Business School PhD Programme are made online only. Please apply on the appropriate link for;

What is your application deadline?

The application deadline is found and updated on the PhD website, please see link above. Please note we encourage applicants to apply as soon as the application process is open, as students may find that nearer the deadline prospective supervisors have reached their quota.

Can I apply to start anytime of the year?

No, we have one intake per year which is every October.

How do I apply online?

When applications are open please apply online

How many research students do you accept each year?

We aim to admit 20-25 new research students per year.

Do I need to find a potential supervisor before I apply

No - but it is useful to indicate in your application the member of academic staff with research interests similar to your own. The final decision on supervisors is made by the PhD Director.

What happens to my application?

The PhD Admissions Office processes all applications and is then reviewed by the Director of the programme. The numbers of applicants, their quality (web application, research proposal, transcripts and references) and the availability of an appropriate supervisor are considered. It may be several months before you are notified of a decision by the PhD Office.

Can I make an appointment with or email an academic member of staff to discuss my research proposal? Will I be expected to attend an interview?

The PhD Office cannot offer formal arrangements to help students with applications, but we leave it up to the individual members of staff if they would like to offer some feedback.

An interview will be held if your application progresses.

How many years does it take to complete the Training/MPhil - PhD?

The duration of the course is for four years. Completion time often depends on the complexity of the topic, the amount of fieldwork required and the productivity of the individual student. Normally, full-time students in our Department are expected to finish in four years.

Can I start as an MPhil or PhD rather than an Training student?

All research students are initially registered for the MPhil training and are upgraded to PhD upon satisfactory progress according to the procedures.

I'm already enrolled in a PhD programme at another University and I would like to transfer to your PhD programme.

We do not accept transfer of credits. All applicants, regardless of previous academic experience, are required to complete a formal application. Previous research will be considered, but all students are initially registered as an MPhil student by the School, with formal research training in the first year, to progress to year 2 you will be required to pass all modules, please refer to each faculty structure for more information.

My undergraduate and master's degrees are not in Actuarial Science, Finance or Management, but I have several years of work experience, including research in the area I want to study. Can I apply for the programme?

Relevant work experience can be an asset in undertaking a research degree but in almost all cases, however, previous academic training in subjects relevant to the area of research proposed will be necessary.

I've just started my Masters course and my professors don't know me very well yet. Do I need to provide an academic reference from my current course?

It is preferable to submit a reference from your current course of study. While we encourage early applications, there is sufficient time for current supervisors/teachers to get to know you during the first term of your Masters degree and for you still to be able to apply early enough.

Do I need to submit GMAT or GRE results to be considered?

GMAT or GRE results are not a formal requirement for the programme but if you have it you are encouraged to upload this on the relevant section, GMAT is our preferred if you have both.

I work full-time. Can I apply to study part-time?

All students are required to attend at the University full time, applications for part-time study are therefore discouraged.

Can I study part-time from abroad (eg distance learning)?

We do have a part time / distance learning programme, please refer to the Executive PhD

What are the career prospects for students completing a PhD at Cass?

My application was unsuccessful but I would like to reapply for next year. How can I get feedback on why I was not accepted so that I can improve my application?

If your academic background or examination grades/predicted grades do not reach the required standard, we would discourage you from seeking feedback and this will undoubtedly form part if not all of the explanation for your rejection. We may also have to turn away good candidates if there is no suitable research supervisor available. Competition is also intense and many good students are not accepted. Unfortunately detailed feedback is not possible.