Actuarial Science

About the PhD in Actuarial Science programme

The Faculty of Actuarial Science and Insurance is one of the leading academic actuarial departments in the world, with highly respected degree courses and research. It comprises 29 staff, including 8 qualified actuaries.

The Faculty makes use of its position close to the heart of the City of London to enhance its research, teaching and external profile.

As such, the Faculty is proud of its PhD programme in Actuarial Science.  On this programme you will have the fully support of the faculty as well as access to the research and insights from one of the world’s leading actuarial departments.

Its research considers a range of theoretical and applied issues in pensions, life and general insurance, and health care.  We welcome your research subject in a variety of actuarial science related subjects as well.

On the Actuarial Science PhD programme, particular avenues of research include insurance solvency, mortality and longevity modelling, risk management, pricing in competitive markets, dependency between risks, the impact of fair value accounting on insurance and the funding of social care.

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