Pre-programme Information

Mandatory Tasks

Before commencing your Modular Executive MBA programme in March 2019, you must do the following tasks. We recommend doing these once you have paid your deposit to ensure all are completed in time.

Harvard Online Maths Course

As part of your preparation you have been enrolled in the Harvard Mathematics for Managers online course. This is specifically designed for people about to embark on an MBA and you are expected to complete the Algebra, Probability and Statistics sections before Induction begins in March. You may of course complete other sections at your leisure. Basic Finance would be very useful preparation for your Finance modules and Differential Calculus would be helpful for Economics.

The guideline time requirement for completion of the whole course is 15 hours or so and we recommend you also complete the test sections. However, this is purely for your preparation purposes and any results will not be used as part of the Executive MBA. There is no minimum pass mark for any section of this online course.

Access details will be provided separately by the MBA Admissions Team.

Registering as a Cass student

In January 2019, City, University of London will email you details of how to pay the first instalment of your fees and formally register as a student. Please visit the City University website if you would like to pay fees in advance. Please also remember to quote your student number when making any payments to Cass / City.


We want to hear from you about your recruitment and admissions experience. We are always looking to improve our processes to make future candidates experiences better. To do this, we need your input by completing our questionnaire. It takes 10 minutes to complete and you are able to be as honest as you like. If there are things we are doing well, let us know. Alternatively, if there is something we can improve we are open to your feedback. You can fill out the questionnaire here.

Modular Executive MBA Class Directory

The class directory is an opportunity to summarise your expertise and skills with not only your fellow class mates but also the Cass Community such as Course Office, Careers & Professional Development, Alumni as well as the wider MBA community. Please see the current Modular Executive MBA 2018 class directory for example profiles.

Required information

Personal/Career details

Full name

Nationality (include joint nationalities)

Job title

Company name

City and country of work

Career Summary/highlights

Your career summary should be approximately 60 words in length and feature key achievements that demonstrate competencies and skills in your current and previous roles.

Key information to include in your career summary:

Outcomes including figures -  (i.e. Manage a global budget of €25m)

Leadership impact – (i.e. Leading a multi-cultural team spread across two continents and delivered a multi-million pound IT programme across six countries

International exposure -  (i.e. Designed and implemented pan–European strategic marketing plan)

Team skills - (i.e. Experience working in multi-national companies within cross-functional teams)

Tips to write a strong profile

Try to start your sentence with action oriented verbs such as:

Analysed, Co-founded, Designed, Managed, Led, Launched, Expanded, Negotiated, Reviewed, Trained etc.….  Where possible try to avoid duplicating information that is already contained in your job title or company information.

Please try to avoid American spelling of words such as organise, analyse, etc, unless it is your job title or company name.

Try to keep to the word count and consolidate your highlights.

Avoid any companies names as we will be unable to print them. We also suggest avoiding your own companies name as it is repeating information the reader will know from your title.

Example entry

Natalie Hunter
International Marketing Manager
Milan, Italy

Experienced marketing professional working for a major global luxury group. Strong background in marketing, communications, sales and business development. Led multiple projects including the launch of several global products across different consumer categories in Europe and Middle East.

Submit your profile

The deadline to complete your entry is Friday 8th March.

Submit your entry here

Once submitted, we will work with our marketing team to ensure there is consistency across the profiles and you will be asked to sign off for your final entry. A PDF will be shared with you for final comments before the class directory is printed.

Recommended Tasks

These are tasks that are not mandatory, but are recommended to ensure you are prepared for the year ahead.


There is no compulsory reading you need to do ahead of the programme. However, we do recommend that you stay up to date with journals such as the Financial Times, Business Week and The Economist.

If you would like to read something more academic, we can recommend the following text books:

  • Taking the Fear out of Data Analysis.  A. Diamantopoulos and B B Schlegelmilch
  • Statistics for People Who Think They Hate Statistics.  Neil J Salkind
  • Statistical Analysis with Excel for Dummies Joseph Schmuller
  • Management: An Introduction by David Boddy

Discussion Forum

Once you have paid a deposit and confirmed your place on the Cass  Modular Executive MBA, we will provide you with access to a Linkedin group where you can talk and network with your future classmates.