Programme Details

Term dates

The programme commences on 2 September 2019 and you can find the provisional term dates here . We will update this section as soon as any changes have been confirmed. Please note that dates are provisional and still subject to minor changes.

Orientation information

During the first three weeks of your MBA (2 – 20 September) we will be running an induction programme for all our new students. This will include student receptions, careers workshops, team building exercises and other classes designed to bring everyone up to speed ahead of the first block of teaching. Attendance of the induction programme is compulsory and you will be given a detailed timetable upon arrival on registration day.

Programme structure

Please see this section of our website for further information on the structure of the programme.

International trips

Students will complete a week-long International Consultancy Trip at the end of their core modules. This year the Full-time MBA students went to Dublin in Ireland to work with local companies on real-life projects.

In the second half on the year, you will have the choice from a range of London based and international electives. You will be given more information during the first few months on the course but details are available now on the website.

Meet the Faculty

Students at Cass have access to over 160 world-class, full-time faculty from 36 different countries. You can find out more about notable faculty who teach on the Full-time MBA here. Alternatively, you can find out about all the faculty at the University from the Cass Experts section of our website.