Next Steps

Now that you have paid your deposit, there are a few tasks you must complete before starting your Full-time MBA journey in September.

Full-time MBA Class Directory and Profile Book

The class directory is an opportunity to summarise your expertise and skills with not only your fellow class mates but also the Cass Community such as Course Office, Careers & Professional Development, Alumni as well as the wider MBA community.

The information you provide will be taken and used for two different purposes:

1) The Class Directory; used by our MBA Recruitment team when engaging with prospective MBA candidates (short summary of profiles). You can see our current Full-time MBA 2019 Class Directory.

2) The Profile Book; used by our Careers and Professional Development team when engaging with employers and internally at Cass.

Please view our guidelines for writing a strong profile and an example profile. You can also view our webinar which provides more detail and guidance.

Personal/Career details

Personal/Career details

  • Full name – Include your first name and your family name e.g. Juan De la Cruz Gómez, Yeo Wei Ming, Edwin Scott,
  • LinkedIn handle/URL – Most employers will review your LinkedIn profile if you have applied for a job and they will also use LinkedIn to identify relevant profiles that they are sourcing. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, we highly recommend that you set one up. For guidance on how to create or improve your profile or amend your URL please click here
  • Nationality (Include all/joint nationalities)
  • Job title – From your current or most recent company
  • Company name – From your current or most recent company
  • Current city and country of work – Your current city and country of work
  • Previous cities and countries of work – If you have previously worked in any other cities and countries please include them here
  • Languages – Please include any languages you can speak (including your native language). For example if you only speak English as your native language just include English.
  • Technical Skills and Professional Qualifications - Please select from the list up to five technical skills or professional qualifications you would like to highlight to potential employers
  • Education – Please include your prior degrees (postgraduate or undergraduate e.g. MSc, BSc), name of the course (e.g. Business and Economics) the institution (e.g. University of Reading) and country (e.g. UK). If you do not have a degree please leave this section blank
  • Areas of Interest – Please select from the list up to three areas of interest you think you might like to pursue after your MBA

Career Summary

The purpose of this section is to demonstrate your key competencies and skills from your current and previous jobs and will comprise of 2 components: The Headline and Three Career Highlights.

  1. The Headline (Maximum 20 words)

    This is a short paragraph summarising your career to date, it should clearly shows areas such as years of experience, key sectors/industries or functions worked in and what your roles have entailed.

    This is your chance to tailor to your audience (e.g. a future employer) what you want to be known for and your value proposition (i.e. what you have to offer an employer)


    • Seven years’ experience in digital marketing and brand consulting across real estate and professional services sectors in EMEA.region
    • Experience in IT project management and lead enterprise architect roles focussing on large transformation programmes in Financial Services sector
    • Four years’ experience in change management and sustainability consulting working with SME’s and global multinational organisations
  2. Three career highlights (Approx. 20 words for each bullet point - a maximum of 60 words for all three)

This is an opportunity to highlight three examples (3 bullet points) from your career that you are particularly proud of and sell your key skills and experience. A recent GMAC survey of employers that recruit Business School graduates suggests that transferable skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork are the main skills they expect MBA candidates to be proficient in. We recommend you consider this when writing your bullet points.

The following are some areas that are useful to consider:

  • Achievement/improvement of something that had impact for your company or your team
  • Leadership; which led to a particular outcome
  • Collaboration; either across multiple teams, regions or other third parties
  • Building relationships/sales/customer engagements that have led to positive benefits for your company
  • Influencing or negotiating with a stakeholder which led to a desired outcome
  • Resolving a problem that was critical to the business

Example entry

Here are some examples of statements for your career highlights:

  • Managed induction for over 150 professional employees through effective project management achieving an increase in employee engagement scores by 80%
  • Founded a CSR initiative; leading over 100 professionals by designing and implementing a programme aimed at improving the welfare of women through basic computer literacy and vocational training
  • Established strong partnerships with key decision makers at a global strategy house to improve business penetration by 75% in over 40 countries
  • Successfully launched two new products through excellent stakeholder management which achieved a significant market position of approximately 80% market share

Please see our example entry here.

Submit your profile

The deadline to complete your entry is Friday 3rd August.

Submit your entry here

Once submitted, we will work with our marketing team to ensure there is consistency across the profiles and you will be asked to sign off for your final entry. A PDF will be shared with you for final comments before the class directory is printed.