Brandon Moore

Brandon Moore

Nationality: United States
Position pre MBA: Account Executive

What motivated you to do an MBA and why did you choose Cass Business School?

I wanted to come to Cass to get my MBA and benefit from the diversity of the cohort and the vast networking opportunities available in the City of London.

What are your career goals and what do you hope to achieve after you have graduated?

After graduation, I hope to move into the consulting sector. I am particularly passionate about people strategy and helping clients capitalise on the full potential of their employees.

How would you describe your overall experience of the MBA so far?

The MBA experience has been very intense. I've met some amazing people that I'd never have been exposed to in my prior career, which has been very fulfilling and has given me new confidence in taking the next steps in my career.

What has been the most rewarding experience for you so far?

The most rewarding experience so far has been Integration Week. Getting to tackle a real business challenge–starting from a blank slate was an amazing creative process, and it was hugely fulfilling to make the final presentation and reveal our analysis and ideas.

What has been the most challenging aspect?

The most challenging aspect has been trying to prioritise the innumerable opportunities available to Cass MBA students. Every day there is something to do, someone to meet, or somewhere to go–the only limit is time. Choosing what to do, when there is always coursework to be done, requires a lot of self-honesty and self-discipline.

How would you describe your fellow cohort?  

They are amazing. I've never been surrounded by such a diverse and interesting group of people. Not only that, they manage to be both competitive and collaborative, never willing to leave someone behind but always trying to push the envelope to achieve more.

What has the learning experience been like? How are classes taught and what sort of expertise do the academics bring?

The learning experience is lecture-based, but highly interactive. Class discussions are often lively and do not shy away from engaging and relevant (even controversial) topics. The academics bring a great deal of real-world experience, and their research places them very much at the forefront of modern business thought– you will often see them quoted in the FT, BBC, or Bloomberg during the course.

What are your thoughts on living and studying in London and does Cass’s location bring any added benefit?

Perhaps I am biased, but I think London is the ideal city. Its natural and architectural beauty is second-to-none, and its "city of villages" layout makes it feel like a small town (sometimes). As a native English speaker, I get the familiar language but easy proximity to continental Europe. As a foodie, I can explore a new cuisine or a new flavour every day. As a business student, I can network with world-leading business minds. Every day you see where market-moving decisions are made, and can learn from the market-makers, which is immensely inspiring. It's truly the ideal city for getting an MBA.

What advice would you give to a prospective student thinking of doing an MBA at Cass?

If you want an intensive and engaging experience that will expose you to an incredibly diverse group of peers, Cass is for you. If you're looking to get your MBA casually and stay in your comfort zone, look elsewhere. But why get your MBA if you don't want to go all in?