Adam Culley

Adam Culley

Nationality: English
Position pre MBA: Business Development Manager Australia & SE Asia

What motivated you to do an MBA and why did you choose Cass Business School?

I am attempting to undertake 'the triple jump', a change of position, sector and country. Disillusioned with the energy sector, I decided to utilise an MBA to fill some perceived knowledge voids in order to increase my desirability for new employers. I chose Cass because of its central location within London, FT ranking, tutelage and price.

What are your career goals and what do you hope to achieve after you have graduated?

I am uncertain at this current point in time but most likely a position in management consulting, however I am considering a range of different options as diverse as PR and politics.

How would you describe your overall experience of the MBA so far?

Exciting, hard work but thoroughly enjoyable. So far the MBA has exceeded my expectations. I am finding variety whilst still learning at a rate I did not consider possible 6 months ago. Excellent careers advice has been on offer throughout.

What has been the most rewarding experience for you so far?

Sandhurst, partly because it afforded much needed respite between blocks but also because of the privilege of attending such a revered academy and the opportunity to bond with course mates and have some fun.

What has been the most challenging aspect?

Balancing assignments, reading, a new location and home life.

How would you describe your fellow cohort?

Diverse, intelligent and very likable. I am surprised by the collective drive to achieve that certainly was not evident in my undergraduate degree.

What has the learning experience been like? How are classes taught and what sort of expertise do the academics bring?

Academics are charismatic and, for the most part, easy to follow. I find that the lecture content challenges and pushes the threshold of my learning ability.

What are your thoughts on living and studying in London and does Cass’ location bring any added benefit?

I do not believe that there could be a better location for a business school. Networking opportunities are infinite and always just around the corner. Cass organises a range of presentations and events and many extra-curricular activities that are brought to our attention.

What advice would you give to a prospective student thinking of doing an MBA at Cass?

It is helpful to reconcile the course content with your career intentions, however if you have no idea of what the next step might be then there is a wealth of careers advice available. If you are looking for access to the financial and consulting markets then, this is for you.