September-April: Core General Management Programme

The Core General Management Programme will develop your fundamental knowledge and skills. You'll balance hard, statistical expertise with the 'softer' abilities of inspiring and managing people.

Orientation Programme

Your course will begin with a unique week of training and induction to Cass and our facilities. The programme includes: team building, networking and pre-MBA workshops in Strategy, Case Methods, Creative Problem Solving and Quantitative Methods.

On your course, you'll be surrounded by an incredible amount of talent and experience. So, at the start of your programme, you will be allocated to a learning support group designed to provide a support mechanism throughout the MBA. Teamwork throughout the MBA will mainly be carried out in your learning support group.

Block learning method

Business issues do not come neatly labelled as 'marketing', 'strategy', or 'finance' so we use a block learning method to teach our core modules, reflecting the realities of the commercial environment. Each block consists of three core modules and will finish with an integration week to consolidate your learning.

Integration Week

Integration Week involves a combination of group work, case study analysis, presentations and simulation exercises. It is designed to test your skills and abilities to resolve business issues and challenges under pressure, which draw on the core modules for that block.

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