George Kaneb

George Kaneb

Current role: CEO

What are you responsibilities?

My main responsibilities are to make strategic and tactical decisions impacting both the long-term vision for the business as well as day to day activities. I am also actively involved in business development and the general administration of the company.

What have you been up to since graduating from the MBA?

Initially I landed with an asset manager and was placed in charge of a small private equity fund. I was charged with assisting early stage companies with their growth strategies as well as ensuring that the companies were properly capitalized to achieve their growth plans. After four years of having my hands on multiple businesses I decided I was ready for the challenge of running and being focused on one company rather than a portfolio.

What challenges have you faced in your current career that your MBA has prepared you for?

The MBA gave me an overview of a number of different skills required to run a business. It has given me the financial fluency to work with bankers and other financial partners, as well as some ideas of how to plan strategically and some guidance to the all important "soft-skills" of management.

What motivated you to do an MBA?

The MBA for me was about career change - going from being a high school teacher and into business. I felt as though I had the potential to make a jump like that, but wanted to improve my skill set and knowledge base first.

How would you describe your overall experience and what was the most rewarding aspect of the MBA?

My experience at Cass was incredible, we had 22 countries represented in our cohort with a huge variety of professional backgrounds, from oil and gas traders to an Olympic athlete and just about everything in between. Generally, the cohort was extremely helpful to one another and people were great to work with. Along with learning a ton, I had a great time and made friends that I expect to be in touch with for years and years to come.

What advice would you give to a prospective student thinking of doing an MBA at Cass?

A full-time, one year MBA made the most sense for my personal circumstances and if that is the case, then I highly recommend Cass. The international experience, the high quality of the staff and the location based in the financial district of London are all aspects that I benefited from.