Edward Dixon

Programme: Evening Executive MBA, 2017
Nationality: British
Current position: Special Projects Manager, Landsec

Two years ago, I was working in the Mace sustainability consultancy team, consulting on major commercial developments in London and a series of data centre projects in Europe. I was ready for a change of direction. I wanted to expand my career options. I really wanted to move away from consultancy into an in-house role. However, to get the kind of role I was aiming for, I needed to learn more about finance, about business and about management. The Executive MBA seemed like a good way to expand my knowledge, while allowing me to study around my job.

Initially, I was drawn to Cass Business School, partly due to its London location, and partly because of its reputation and performance in the league tables. Ultimately though, for me, it was about fit. Once I met the faculty and the alumni, I knew it was for me.

The first year is intense, you delve into the core theory and frameworks, and cover such a wealth of material – everything from marketing to supply chains to strategy.

Within three months of starting the EMBA, I actually secured an in-house role as Environment Manager at Landsec, the largest commercial property company in the UK. I’m fairly certain that I wouldn’t have got the interview without the EMBA.

In the second year, you really get the chance to dig deep and specialise, choosing electives that reflect your interests. For me, the teaching in the second year really enabled me to apply the theory and knowledge in my professional life. I was able to take something from a class on Tuesday and apply it at work on Wednesday morning. It’s had a huge impact on my role.

The professional development skills training, particularly the Achieving Your Potential Weekend, combined with help from the Careers and Professional Development Team has been invaluable. They helped me to gain perspective on my new role and understand what I really wanted it to be. Though I loved working at Landsec, my new Environment Manager role was in need of change, it was something of a relic which wasn’t bringing enough value to the business. So, the Achieving Your Potential Weekend helped me to propose a change that would exploit my strengths and bring more value to Landsec. As a direct result, I was
offered a promotion, pay rise and title change, moving up a level to Special Projects Manager in the corporate affairs sustainability team.

Professionally, the EMBA has made me more confident and more effective in my role. Personally, it's made me more comfortable and happy with my own career and allowed me to recognise my strengths and potential.

Over the last two years, I’ve really learned how to manage my energy and time, which is an important part of my life, especially with the addition of an MBA. It has been a real balancing act. It makes you realise what you can do if you really want to. During the course, I have moved home, moved jobs, moved roles, gained a promotion, and my wife and I are expecting a baby…

Yet, I’m in-line for another promotion again later this year, and again, that wouldn’t be happening without the EMBA.

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