Ali Inayathusein

Aliasgar Inayathusein

Programme: Evening Executive MBA, 2017
Nationality: British
Current position: Policy Appraisal and Sub Regional Modelling, Transport for London

What motivated you to do an Executive MBA and why did you choose Cass Business School?

I wanted to give myself the skills and experience to either move to a senior management position within my company quicker or to start my own business. Part of the motivation was to explore new opportunities and learn from others.

What are your career goals and what do you hope to achieve after you have graduated?

I hope to become a senior manager quite quickly with the ambition of leading a large company in the future. I am also looking to start my own business at some point but my direction will be determined by the opportunities I see in the next few years.

How would you describe your overall experience of the Executive MBA so far?

I have learnt a lot from the taught material, members of the cohort and extra career development sessions. The workload is challenging but I am enjoying the experience.

How do you balance you work and personal life with academic studies?

I make the most of all my time commuting and during breaks to get a head start on reading. My main tip, make the most of others in your learning groups so that workload can be shared even when doing readings.

What has been the most rewarding experience for you so far?

The experience of completing group coursework. This is challenging as everyone has their own busy work schedules and different perspectives. However, if you make the most of everyone, you can end up with a really good piece of work and learn a lot more than you would alone.

What has been the most challenging aspect?

The most challenging aspect is managing the workload. There is a lot of reading, class preparation and not to mention, coursework deadlines. You have to be willing to sacrifice a lot of other things to make sure you set aside enough time to complete MBA work.

How would you describe your fellow cohort?

Mixed, from wide ranging backgrounds, although dominated by finance or finance linked industries. Everyone is helpful and you learn from the different perspectives that others bring. Due to the small size you also get to know everyone quite well.

What has the learning experience been like? How are classes and taught and what sort of expertise do the academics bring?

Learning has been varied and engaging, academics are experts in their field and teach in a practical way. You are not only taught the latest thinking but also critiques of established theory and the reality of applying this in the business world.

What are your thoughts on living and studying in London and does Cass’s location bring any added benefit?

The location is a huge factor, it is in between my office and home as well as being close to the centre of London.

What advice would you give to a prospective student thinking of doing the Executive MBA at Cass?

Make sure you have put time aside and don't put it off. If you go for it, then whatever your background you will learn and gain skills that will help your future development. However, it is worth making sure you get support from your employer, wherever possible, as workload can get high and an understanding employer is helpful.