Professional Development

To complement the traditional business skills developed through your MBA curriculum, we run a programme of professional development workshops and seminars aimed at strengthening the softer skills employers demand in the market place.

What makes our professional development programme one of the best is that we offer a truly varied range of courses, delivered by professionals and industry experts. It is part of our tailored approach to learning, which means that you can choose the most relevant courses to match your interests and learning objectives.

Advanced Presentation Skills: Excellent communication skills come from coaching, hard work and practice. This course is designed to polish your abilities and turn you from a good communicator into a great communicator.

Beyond the Strategy: Learn to close the sale by developing the tools and processes to understand your commercial audience and communicate with them effectively. Successfully sell your personal strategy and use client time effectively.

Cold Calling: Learn how to use cold calling to your advantage when trying to get meetings and gain contacts at target organisations. A highly useful skill whether you are looking to change career or simply enhance your existing skill-set.

Having Presence: Some people make judgements based on the degree of authority the other person appears to have - they want to deal with someone whom they feel is operating on their level. This workshop will help you practice tools and techniques to help you gain presence when you want it.

Influence & Persuade: When was the last time you wanted to persuade someone to think or do something differently but didn't succeed? Psychological research shows that we tend to favour one or two influencing tactics and ignore the rest. Once we know more about the options available, we can choose the right tactics for the situation.

Negotiation: In an increasingly competitive business environment, professionals must negotiate with others to get the job done. Whether you're a beginner, or an experienced professional, this course helps you improve your style.

Networking: How confident are you when walking into a room of people you have never met before? This workshop helps you improve your confidence and performance in those aspects of networking which involve 'face to face': meetings, parties, events, presentations and even interviews.

Project Management: Give your projects a head start by learning the HOW of project management. How to get everyone pulling together by agreeing priorities, goals and plans to achieve them. How to decrease the risks and increase your chances of success and how to remain sane throughout it all. Of course there is a major difference between knowing and doing. That's why this workshop is primarily about doing. Applying practical tips and insights to a real project chosen by you.

The majority of the workshops are delivered by external consultants who are experts in their relative fields. They include:

Inigo Associates: Sarah Inigo Jones has 18 years experience working in strategy and business development. She began her career for one of the leading consulting firms in London. In 2005, after 8 years at The Coca-Cola Company, she set up her own company offering strategy skills, workshops and facilitation.

The Mind Gym: The Mind Gym is an organisation dedicated to helping people use their minds more effectively in order to get more out of life and give more to others. Workouts compress up to a day's traditional workshop into an action-packed 90 minutes full of practical tips, tools and techniques. They are run by specially qualified coaches with a wide range of experience.

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