Executive MBA Concentrations

During your Executive MBA at Cass, you can choose to focus your studies around a series of concentrations. Concentrations are a private recognition from the MBA that a student has taken at least 40 credits from electives belonging to a particular cluster of electives.

How to choose your concentration?

MBA students can take any elective in any format after they complete their core modules. Students will also have an opportunity to follow the majority of the concentrations if they are flexible enough to sign up for electives in different formats and there are no clashes in their timetable.

Concentrations for 2017/18*

Corporate Finance

Module titleWeekdaysEvenings
Extended Weekends
Applied Corporate Finance  
Advanced Corporate Finance  
Mergers and Acquisitions 
Applied Financial Analysis for Managers and Investors   
Corporate Restructuring   
Islamic Finance, Banking and Law (Dubai)   
International Financial Management   

Note: Students can achieve a concentration in Finance with any combination of the modules listed under Corporate Finance and Investment Management.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Module titleWeekdaysEveningsWeekendsExtended WeekendsInternational Elective
Innovation and entrepreneurship   
Strategies of Fast Track Venturing    
Leading Digital Transformations    
Design Thinking    
Silicon Valley - Digital Innovation in Action   
Innovation & Technology Study Tour - Israel   
At the Core of Entrepreneurship: Silicon Valley   
New Venture Creation    
Capturing Value from Technological Innovation    

Investment Management

Module TitleWeekdaysEveningWeekendExtended WeekendInternational Electives
Private Equity   
Investment Strategy and Practice    
The Wealth Management Industry    
Behavioural Finance    
Topics in Derivatives    


Module TitleWeekdaysEveningWeekendExtended WeekendInternational Electives
Branding and Advertising    
Storytelling in Business    
Strategic Marketing in Action: Exploring Location Brands   
Strategic Valuation and Management of Customer Relationships    
Digital Marketing and Social Media    

Corporate Strategy

Module TitleWeekdaysEveningWeekendExtended WeekendInternational Electives
Managerial Decision Making   
Consulting to Management   
Managing Strategic Change   
The New Strategic Landscape    
Strategy in the Face of Uncertainty    
Corporate Strategy for a Globalising World    

Real Estate

The option to take some or all of the following modules from the MSc in Real Estate Investment is open to EMBA students, who will have to adapt to the particular schedule and assessment criteria of the MSc modules. If you are interested, please ask your Course Officer for details. This option is subject to availability and can be affected by changes in the design or timetable of the MSc programme. Real estate modules to include:
Module TitleEveningWeekendExtended WeekendInternational Electives
Real Estate Debt Marketstbctbctbctbc
Real Estate Capital Marketstbctbctbctbc
Real Estate Financetbctbctbctbc
Global Real Estate Marketstbctbctbctbc
Real Estate Portfolio and Fund Managementtbctbctbctbc

Additional Information

This list of electives is an indication of the range of modules that can be on offer and is subject to change due to circumstances such as: enhancing or updating the quality and content of educational provision; responding to student feedback; academic staffing changes; the number of students in each programme; a lack of student demand for certain modules; or factors beyond the institution’s reasonable control, such as meeting the latest requirements of a commissioning or accrediting body. For these reasons, not all the electives listed will be offered every year. New (additional or replacement) modules may also be added for these reasons.

The list of electives offered in a given year (September to July) will be confirmed by the first week of June of the preceding academic year. Electives can be offered to MBAs in a different format and timetable to the core modules of the programme chosen. In order to have access to a wider array of electives, students should be prepared to adapt their personal agenda to the schedule of the modules, which can vary every year for the reasons mentioned above. The MBA will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that at least the required number of credits are delivered in the basic format and location of the core courses of the programme chosen.

*These concentrations and electives are only for 2017/18. Announcements for next year will be made available in due course.