Business Mastery Project

In the final part of your programme, you will draw on the many elements of the course in the Business Mastery Project. This is a major piece of self-managed business consultancy which will count substantially towards your final degree.

You will design, conduct and manage every aspect of your project, which will address a specific real-world business problem for your chosen company, industry or research area.

Many of the projects are offered by companies via the Cass Careers Service, and tend to be centred around a summer internship. Sponsoring companies use this opportunity to road-test new talent. From your point of view, such internships provide a platform to consolidate your experience in a particular field which adds value to your CV and could lead to your next career move.

Past Business Mastery Projects have tackled a variety of business problems across a wide range of industries such as banking and finance, stock exchanges, manufacturing, law, advertising and marketing, travel and tourism, and carbon markets.

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