Jyotindra Prakash Sharma

Dubai Executive MBA 2018
Sales Manager,  SEL

The deciding factors that bought me to Cass were its global reputation, vast network of alumni and the opportunity to attend one international elective every year as a Cass graduate. Cass has also got mechanisms for tight quality control by using London academics to teach each modules. They have structured the course so for the duration of the programme we get perspectives from different industries – within the cohort and from the academics – as well as practical skills in areas we may not be familiar with. Furthermore, the Dubai Executive MBA programme gets lot of focus from the London team as well as a dedicated local team, which is very cooperative and extends full support during the initial MBA decision making process, and thereafter, during the study period.

I have always wanted a job which challenges me on a daily basis and is highly rewarding. However, my present job profile does not reflect this quite yet. I want to become a senior level executive in the next five-to-seven years and later, with the right plan and good timing, I hope to become a contributor to society by starting my own business. This requires knowledge and out-of-the-box thinking. The EMBA programme will help me attain the required knowledge and also challenge my thinking. The programme has introduced me to new people with diverse knowledge and experiences, helping me to further learn by collaborating with them and perhaps for my future job role or ventures.

One of most important factor, after deciding on the EMBA, was work-life balance. I have gotten support from my family and the location of the institute is only 20 minutes away from the area of my residence, which has made life a little easier. However, assignment reading and exams are not easy to balance with the amount of travelling I have to do. Most of my job requires travel; therefore, I often carry my books with me during my business visits. Despite this hardship, I have found the learning has had an immense impact on me. I can feel myself assessing my decisions in the capacity of my job. I now find myself analysing things which I would have overlooked before. I think I am getting more stable in decision making and expanding my horizons.

Cass has a total of 44 DEMBA students in 2016. It has been a smaller batch from previous years. However, the gender balance and diversity in selecting students has ensured a diverse cohort including business owners, HR, banking, legal, medical, PR and engineering background students; bringing variety in discussions and group assignments. All in all, there is a good mix of industry background and experience.

Dubai acts as a hub between the East and West, with two-thirds of the world’s population only six hours away by air travel. It has made itself a trading economy and diversified itself from an oil-based economy. It supports and embraces innovative visions of leaders making it a vibrant and popular place to be. It’s a great place to start new ventures as there little red tape and bureaucracy, ensuring ease of doing business. Diverse nationalities allow that good proposals have got takers no matter how niche it is. This means Dubai is an attractive location to study as we will be exposed through our cohorts to different ideas.

The EMBA programme offers you with skills that can be implement immediately to your job. However, some sacrifices need to be made to create a balance between study and work. So my advice is get your family and company on board with this decision, as you will need their support to successfully complete the programme. Finally, the EMBA programme at Cass is going to be an immense, enriching and unforgettable memory. Learning has been enjoyable and Cass leaves no effort to make it a fun-filled enjoyable journey.