Fahd Sakrani

Dubai Executive MBA 2017
Senior Manager, Stratum W.L.L

Cass Business School

One of my main reasons for joining Cass Business School was that my brother completed an MBA from Cass and he had a great learning experience, coupled with its excellent rankings on FT. Further, the location in Dubai is convenient for me as I fly in from Bahrain to attend classes. The fees also compare favourably with some of the other highly ranked programs offered in Dubai. The modules offered on the programme captured my interest, particularly the international electives which was an exciting prospect when applying.

The bonus, is the ability to attend one module per year free of charge after I graduate, throughout my life which is something of great value.

The Future

My goal is to develop my career in consulting and investment banking. I also want to pursue entrepreneurship opportunities and feel that the knowledge I have gained from my MBA will help me make informed decisions to achieve my goals. The knowledge I have gained is already helping me in my current workplace, for example, as I am using the analysis tools learned on work related projects almost daily.

The Business Mastery Project I have selected will also help to prepare for my future aspirations to become a thought leader on the subject of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Executive MBA Experience

My overall experience on the Executive MBA has been interesting and rewarding.

Firstly, I have had the opportunity to develop my theoretical knowledge base on various subjects. Strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship modules were of particular interest for me and I gained a lot. Being a Chartered Accountant, the finance and accounting related modules were not new to me but even then, these subjects were beautifully taught from the perspective of a reader and decision maker, as opposed to someone who prepares financial statements.

Secondly, I feel that the group assignments have enhanced my people management and storytelling skills. The people management skills were developed through being given the opportunity to work with fellow students from different professional backgrounds and strengths. The storytelling skills were developed through working on engaging assignments that required ideas to be presented in a creative and cohesive manner.

The Cohort

My fellow cohort are a mixture of nationalities, professional backgrounds and age groups. Each of the students has unique strengths that we learnt to build on together and to complement each other’s weaknesses.


Having grown up in the GCC region, I have seen Dubai grow as a business hub. I think it's great that Cass delivers its courses in Dubai. For me personally, Dubai works because it is close to Bahrain. The international electives provide an opportunity to go beyond Dubai and explore other centres of excellence as well.

Advice to new students

The MBA program is your opportunity to develop your knowledge and your network. However, how much you gain from the MBA really depends on how much effort you put into it.

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