Anamika Gupta

Dubai Executive MBA 2017
Head of Business Development & Projects, Selective Marine Services

Cass Business School

Cass is a leading institute for business and management education with a globally recognised and acknowledged brand name. The global Executive MBA ranking and 50 years of outstanding Cass history speak about the quality of the programmes and professors, which made it my choice institution. The ability to get access to the same standard of education, with the convenience of being in my city of residence, and without taking a break from my career, was the strongest driving force for joining the EMBA programme at Cass. The weekend modular format of the programme made it easy to work around my schedule.

The Future

I hope to transit into a key managerial position in the next few years post-EMBA. I expect to climb up the corporate ladder and switch my role within the industry. The EMBA journey so far has given me the skills and confidence that allow me to be better in my current role. Equipped with a better and deeper understanding of the commercial world, I hope to enhance my growth in the immediate future. I also look forward to being an active alumna and continuing my learning and relationship-building activities that can further my career.

The Executive MBA Experience

The EMBA programme offers more than course content, providing me with well-rounded development in terms of thoughts and personality. The module and academics are amongst the best in their fields with years of strong research and consultancy backgrounds. The career and personality development workshops have broadened the process of my philosophy and decision making. The one-to-one career guidance that I have received throughout the programme has been extremely helpful in furthering my career. In addition to these, the tools that Cass provide enable me to learn and keep growing much after the completion of the programme.

The Cohort

My cohort (as with other cohorts) come from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, where most students have more years of industry experience than I do. This has given me opportunities to learn from their knowledge and experiences, during and after class, while working together on assignments or having casual lunches. The networking opportunities have been great and the insights into industries, other than my own, have been extremely valuable in shaping the commercial perspective of the business world. The quality of the cohort truly enhanced the learning process through active in-class discussions within each module.


The growing number of multinational companies moving to Dubai and its infrastructure and proximity to key growth markets is a major reason for the attraction towards Dubai. Moreover, Dubai is constantly re-inventing itself, providing more compelling reasons for people and businesses to be here. With all the dynamic opportunities for growth and development, Dubai becomes a great place for a business education, enabling observation and engagement in these activities, at the centre itself. As an EMBA student, being able to apply the theories from the lecture theatre into real-world practice is the key to successful learning and Dubai provides that platform today.

Advice to new students

The Executive MBA at Cass is more than getting that degree; it is an all rounded development programme. I encourage prospective students to have a chat with an alumni so they can guide you through their experiences.