Business Mastery Project

For the final part of your studies, you will draw on all the elements of your MBA course for the Business Mastery Project (BMP). This is a major piece work which counts substantially towards your final degree, a self-managed business consultancy piece which will utilise the skills you've developed.

Working individually or in groups of two or three, you will design, conduct and manage every aspect of your BMP, which will address a specific real-world business challenge for your client, company or chosen sector. All BMPs must clearly demonstrate a strong analytical component with actionable recommendations.

You can use this assignment strategically according to your desired programme outcome. You can either undertake your BMP with your current employer to address a business issue, or, if you wish for a change of direction, you can undertake an independent project which supports your future career goals.

Past BMPs have tackled a variety of business challenges across a wide range of industries such as banking and finance, stock exchanges, manufacturing, law, advertising and marketing, travel and tourism, and carbon markets.

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