Block 2: Business systems and organisations

This block consists of the following modules:

Accounting and Financial Reporting

Introduces and develops the role of accounting. You will develop your skills in order to be able to analyse, interpret and use financial reports.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the regulatory framework for published financial statements
  • Understanding the preparation and limitations of published financial statements
  • To be familiar with and be able to apply a number of analytical tools to interpret financial statements
  • To be able to critically analyse financial statements
  • To be able to use management accounting informationUnderstanding divisional performance measurement.

Business in the Global Economy

You will become familiar with micro and macroeconomic theories and principles, understanding the relevance and applications of economics in the decision-making process. You will also learn the skills for analysing market forces and policy issues.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding and analysing demand and supply
  • Developing practical and analytical skills to analyse pricing and output
  • Understanding how economics is useful for business practice
  • Learning the importance of macroeconomic performance
  • Analysing the impact of economic news on financial markets
  • Application of economic principles to a range of business and public policy issues.

Business Strategy

You will be introduced to business and corporate strategy analysis and how firms deal with competitive advantage and strategic decision-making.

Learning outcomes:

  • Analysing different types of business strategy
  • Performing industry and business analysis
  • Learning how to develop key resources and capabilities
  • Understanding the role of leadership in strategy formation and management of strategic change
  • Understanding the process of business and technological innovation.

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