Fees and funding

Tuition fees

Dubai Executive MBA tuition fee (Sept 2020 start): £49,500 (inclusive of 5% VAT in the UAE)

There are two options to pay fees:

Option one - pay in full at the beginning of each year

Year 1 fees:
£5,000 (deposit required to secure your place)
£19,750 (balance of year 1 fee due by 7 September 2020)

Year 2 fees:
£24,750 (fee for Year 2 due September 2021)

Option two - Pay each year's tuition fees in two instalments

Year 1 fees:
£5,000 (deposit required to secure your place)
£7,375 (balance of first instalment due by 7 September 2020)
£12,375 (second instalment due before 31 January 2021)

Year 2 fees:
£12,375 (first instalment by September 2021)
£12,375 (second instalment by January 2022)

From 1 January 2018, UAE introduced VAT (5%) on tuition fees; all published tuition fees for the Dubai Executive MBA include the applicable UAE VAT.

Please note that fees are subject to change.

Graduate Loyalty discount

We are delighted to offer a 10% tuition fee reduction to City University alumni who achieved 2.1 or above in their Bachelor’s degree, or a Master’s degree, and who meet all entry criteria for the EMBA.  We also waive the £100 application fee for City University alumni.

Paying your deposit

In order to secure your place, please return the online acceptance form and pay your deposit of AED 25,000 by the date specified in your offer letter.  All payments must be made in AED.  Please contact the MBA Admissions office for our bank details.


Permitted by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority: The academic qualifications granted by this institution and certified by KHDA are recognised in the Emirate of Dubai by all public and private entities for all purposes.


Scholarships are up to AED45,000 and are awarded to exceptional candidates who demonstrate the passion and drive to lead and make a positive impact in today's diverse business environment. Recipients are expected to act as Cass Ambassadors committed to developing the ongoing success of the MBA Programme working closely with Marketing, Careers, Course Office, Alumni and the Recruitment and Admissions Team. You can find out more about and apply for scholarships here.


Awards are offered to candidates who can demonstrate strength in all aspects of their application and show potential for future success.

You will be automatically considered for a financial award once you have submitted a complete application to the Dubai Executive MBA. The awards are up to 15% of the fees and are offered on a rolling basis (subject to availability).

Women in Business award

Open to female candidates who have shown exceptional ability academically and/or professionally. The Award was created in order to support female candidates of merit and to help increase the number of women joining Cass Business School.

Amount Awarded: Up to 15% toward tuition fees.

Professional Excellence award

Open to candidates who have clear professional merit and can demonstrate their potential to contribute to all aspects of the MBA programme.

Amount Awarded: Up to 15% toward tuition fees.

Corporate Sponsorship

MBA Sponsorship of one (or more) of your most able managers on the Cass Executive MBA in Dubai will bring substantial benefits to your organisation. We understand that it's a considerable investment to make, but the business advantages will become evident almost immediately.

How do organisations benefit?

Our academics maintain strong links with industry and bring academic as well as commercial credentials into the classroom. Your employees will therefore benefit from a business-fuelled programme that carefully balances theoretical knowledge with practical application and business curriculum. Search our Cass Experts database for more details of our academic staff and their areas of expertise.

Executive MBA Dubai students will be able to tailor their study programme to ensure your organisation's specific business needs are met. As a consequence, your company will gain expertise in increasingly crucial areas such as leadership, organisational entrepreneurship and change management. You will benefit from the new ideas, experiences and best practices of multiple sectors via your employee's contact with tutors, visiting lecturers and fellow students from a leading business school and a wide range of business backgrounds.

MBA Sponsorship provides immediate return on investment

Cass's pragmatic, hands-on approach enables students to apply their newly-acquired knowledge to the workplace immediately. With their enhanced effectiveness, analytical skills and adaptability, they will soon be contributing effective new strategies which improve your company's business practices.

Strengthening your company's leadership talent

By supporting your employee's development, you will be strengthening your organisation's leadership skills and retain your most talented employees. Your investment will promote excellence, innovation and loyalty amongst your workforce as well as save you time and resources in replacing and training new staff.

Transferring leading-edge thinking and knowledge to the organisation

Studying for a Cass Executive MBA in Dubai will give your employee access to the powerful expertise and insights generated by the faculty of a leading business school.

Students will have the opportunity to network with the world's leading business experts in the Middle East and internationally. This will allow them - and you - to tap into exceptional knowledge and resources. This continual input of new ideas and skills can prove invaluable for any company.

All Executive MBA Dubai students will undertake a tailored programme of electives, choosing which subjects to specialise in. The elective choices can therefore be tailored to address specific business needs, enabling the latest management thinking to be applied to relevant issues in your workplace. The final part of the course is the Business Mastery Project, a significant piece of work which can also address and make recommendations about an issue facing your organisation.