MBA class profiles

Full-time MBA class profile: 2016-17

Our 2016 class intake has a split of 64% men to 36% women, an average GMAT of 648 and age of 30. With a cohort size of 74 from 28 nationalities 26% of our students come from a financial services background.

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Executive MBA class profile: 2016-17

Of the 57 students on the 2016 Executive MBA cohort 35% come from a financial service background. Their average age is 35 with 12 years work experience and a split of 81% male and 19% female students.

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Modular Executive MBA class profile: 2017-18

The 2017 intake of Modular Executive MBA students come from a range of industries including advertising/media, engineering/manufacturing and transport. The 39 students have an average age of 35, 11 years work experience and come from 18 nationalities. They are 33% female.

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Executive MBA in Dubai class profiles: 2016-17

The 44 students in the 2016 cohort are an average age of 35 with 72% male students and 28% female. They are from 19 nationalities and a wide range of backgrounds  including 14% from real estate and 14% from technology, 10% from engineering and 7% from manufacturing.

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