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Studying the Full-time MBA: from Delhi to London

Studying abroad

Moving to a new city for your studies requires a lot more than changing just the physical location. It is a life-changing decision for most of students and shapes some of the most crucial years of your development.

When I decided to study the Full-time MBA at the Business School, I was looking for a change in role, industry and geography. I started with shortlisting the places and London seemed like a city I could live in for a long period.

After living here for a couple of months I agree with the common notion that London is arguably one of the best cities to live in. It’s a combination of big and small factors such as convenience, opportunities, exposure and overall quality of life that makes it so.

Monika Sharma, Full-time MBA (2021)

Moving to London in a pandemic

I chose to move out in an unusual year. The world was in the middle of a pandemic. Naturally, it came with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Our orientation programme was moved online for everyone’s safety so our first interaction as a cohort was via Zoom and our networking events are currently happening online. However, having anticipated, I’m proud to say my cohort has been adaptable and able to navigate these challenges.

Here are some of the things I learned about London in my move:

  • Routine

In terms of living, the transition has been smooth. As a student, it’s easy to adapt and get in a routine once the course begins.Accommodation Finding accommodation is no sweat. Students can opt for either student accommodations (generally offered by universities) or private accommodations. The tariffs differ according to the facilities they offer and the zones they fall in. Leverage the power of the internet to find yourselves a place that suits your pocket, is in close proximity to your campus and offers flexibility in terms of contract length, before you come to the city.

  • Cuisine

Food should be the least of your worries when coming to London. Regardless of your dietary habits and preferences, you’ll be spoilt for choices. There’s a restaurant or takeaway for every cuisine you can think of. For culinary masters, ingredients can be found in the supermarkets which are around every corner.

  • Travel

Moving around the city is fairly easy. When the days are long, London is best lived outside and best explored on foot. The transport system is well networked and efficient. A single card called an Oyster card can be used for buses, the underground tube and the overground.

  • London activities

On any normal day, London is buzzing with energy and activities. The city never lets you get bored. From museums to hiking trails, from pubs to theatres and from shopping complexes to amusement parks, it has something for everyone. People are generally amicable; the landscape is stunning and the city has a good vibe.

  • Weather

The weather was a bit of a challenge for me coming from a place with long dry summers. Here, it rains almost every day and It took a while to get used to checking the forecast every day.

  • Diversity

Although I had an idea about the ethnic diversity that London offers, I was still amazed to experience it first-hand. You’ll find somebody from the smallest town of India and somebody from the biggest city of the United States here. In my class alone, there are students from 19 Nationalities.This plays out in two ways. First, it’s a great learning opportunity for people interested in understanding different cultures, and second, anyone can easily find someone to connect with from their homeland. This also helps in creating a culture of respect for differences and inclusion. The Business School systematically promotes this culture and this reflects in the kind of students and faculties it attracts. It’s easier to build a support system for yourself when you are in an environment like this.

A professional and personal journey

My journey here so far has been loaded with learnings on both personal and professional levels. Living in London for studies is also turning out to be a crash course in some very important life skills such as cooking, discipline, time management and relationships. I look forward to what the city offers.

Monika Sharma, Full-time MBA (2021)