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Studying amid the pandemic: my unique and resilient Executive MBA class

A unique class

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all of our lives and has made my cohort’s experience on the Executive MBA unique.

While writing these lines, I am sitting at home with two toddlers running around the house, which has been a constant in the past few months. How different from other EMBA cohorts! We have gone through two lockdowns since September 2020 when our programme started.

Work and study

My background is in civil engineering, most notably working as a Project Manager on large infrastructure projects. My career has influenced my approach to the EMBA. I tend to prioritise in my day-to-day, trying to quickly find solutions to the different challenges that crop up.

Ponciano working onsite

In each of the modules I have planned a strategy to efficiently manage my time, a zero waste of time approach. And that is definitely one of the recommendations I would like to share. Time, decision, prioritisation and energy management is key to successfully accomplish the goal of this course.

Many of the modules that we have had to date are new and unfamiliar topics for me, so from the very beginning my approach has been to dedicate time to understand the big picture in terms of learning and that has allowed me to deliver what was expected for the assignment and exams.

So far, we have passed halfway mark in year one and my personal learning experience has been really refreshing. I am very motivated by the variety of topics we study and the excellent professors we learn from at the Business School. Lectures are easy to follow even with no previous experience on the subject.

The strength of my cohort

The smaller cohort size has been beneficial as it is allowing us to develop strong relationships within the group.

I believe my cohort is developing strength and resilience— we will emerge from our studies in an entirely new environment in the post-Covid-19 world.

I trust the EMBA is equipping us better for those changes and personally I will apply a lot of these learnings at work.