If your fees will be paid by a sponsor, either ask them to provide a cheque payable to City, University of London or provide a completed Sponsorship form (SP1), so that we can send them an invoice for your fees. We will need either the payment or the SP1 form BEFORE you can complete your online registration. The SP1 form must be signed by your sponsor's representative. If your sponsor is only paying a portion of your tuition fees, you will be liable for the balance, and will need to pay at least 50% of your contribution in order to register. Sponsors cannot pay by instalments, they must pay within 30 days of our invoice date.

If your sponsor does not pay your fees promptly within 30 days of an invoice being presented to them, the Institution may no longer recognise them as your sponsor and you will become personally liable to pay your tuition fees. Please note that companies run by relatives or friends will not be accepted as sponsors. If your sponsorship arrangements change (e.g. owing to a change of employer), you should complete a new SP1 form and send it to the Finance Office as soon as possible.

If you are a postgraduate student holding a discretionary award from your local authority (LA), or recognised scholarship from a research council or a UK government department, the Institution will collect tuition fees directly from them. You must give the Institution a copy of the award letter before you attempt online registration. You are advised to make early applications to your awarding body each year throughout your programme, including any year out in industry.