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Meet our Stelios Scholars

The Stelios Scholarship was established in 2006 by the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation and is given in honour of academic excellence, demonstration of financial need, and promise of continued growth. The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation provides a minimum of four scholarships to the value of £10,000 each to be offset against tuition fees.

Meet the Stelios Scholars of 2020/21

Suko Ndlovu, MSc Financial Mathematics (2021)

Suko Ndlovu

"I’ve always enjoyed and excelled in mathematics. Since a young age, I was curious to see how it can be applied to the moving world around us, hence why I initially went into a quantitative degree for my undergraduate.

During my first graduate job, as a Technology Analyst (Developer) at a global investment bank, I learned more about global markets and became more curious how the assets sold are priced. This is how I came across financial engineering and thus decided to embark on a master’s in Financial Mathematics to learn more and pursue a career in financial engineering.

The Business School (formerly Cass) is one of the top business schools in the UK. Not only does it have top tier lecturers, but it is also very conveniently located in the heart of the London next to Tech City and a stone’s throw away from most leading financial services HQs. This is advantageous in creating networks and getting market insights directly from the relevant companies.

Having the scholarship means I don’t have to worry about picking up a job alongside my studies and I can fully focus my attention on my master’s course. With how intense the course is, I’m very glad things turned out the way they did as I indeed needed that extra time to focus on my studies.

When I heard I would receive the Stelios scholarship, I had to re-read the email a couple of times to make sure I was seeing right. I was happy and relieved: happy because I was found deserving among many, and relieved because I would worry less about financial support throughout the year and have more time to focus more on study.

I am very thankful to Sir Stelios for the scholarship that has enabled me to embark on this career change journey through a master’s at the Business School. Both the foundation and the School have been very supportive and the course itself is an exciting challenge."

Antony Koukis, MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance (2021)

Antony Koukis

"I am from Greece, which is is surrounded by sea and from the early ages shipping had great impact in the development and the economy. Shipping trade and finance, in my view, was the right way to go after my previous studies in shipping, since I found myself being enthusiastic for the industry. Thus, I applied for the STF at the Costas Grammenos Centre.

I believe that the MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance at Business School (formerly Cass) is a landmark-flagship course for the Shipping industry and offers knowledge and opportunities which match my studies and will assist me in my career in the coming years.

When I received the email that I was a recipient of Stelios Scholarship, I could not believe it. I was extremely happy and excited. It’s really honour and pleasure to be one of the Stelios Scholars. Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou is known globally for his humanitarian activities and impact.

I will always be grateful to him for this opportunity he gave me, without this I do not know if I could study this program in London. I will be a member of the wider Business School community and alumni of the Shipping, Trade and Finance course, which has been studied by great personalities of the entrepreneurship shipping sector. All the above, will play a crucial role in my future career."

Rachel Adebisi, MSc Investment Management (2021)

Rachel Adebisi

"I felt that studying a postgraduate degree in Investment Management would be a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my knowledge of accounting, economics and market risk. This will allow me to enter the industry significantly more knowledgeable than if I had entered straight after my undergraduate degree.

Many factors encouraged me to study at the Business School. Firstly, the strong academic reputation within the industry for producing high-quality graduates. Secondly, the School is located within the square mile and has strong links with global financial institutions, thereby providing its students with unique opportunities to develop their professional network which supports our career progression.

It was apparent that studying at the Business School would afford me the privilege of earning a postgraduate degree from a leading institution, whilst simultaneously helping me develop my professional connections.

When I found out I was awarded the Stelios scholarship, I was extremely happy as it is an incredible opportunity. I also felt a sense of relief. Financially, the scholarship makes a big difference and I personally do not know whether I would have been able to continue my studies without it.

I never wanted my socioeconomic background to hinder my personal development. Thankfully, this scholarship has provided me with the opportunity to study at a top business school and improve my career prospects within the finance industry.

After completing my master’s at the Business School, I aim to work in investment management as an Investment Analyst. I know life does not always go as planned, but I am looking forward to making the most of the opportunities available to me through the Business School."

Eleni Balomenou, MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance (2021)

Eleni Balomenou

"I have always been fascinated by the maritime world; as a young Greek woman, I have always been inspired by the sea, be it in my personal life, or in my professional one. Greece may be small in terms of land but it is great in the sea trade, with Greek shipping companies being pioneers in the industry. Hence, the choice to study MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance at the Business School came as the natural next step in my academic development.

The Business School is a leading school in an international setting., and when it comes to studies in shipping, it is the best possible choice one can make.  I would suggest the Business School to anyone who wants to deeply understand the industry, especially in an environment like the one of the City of London, which is international and constitutes a global maritime hub.

I was really happy and exhilarated when I heard I’d received the Stelios scholarship! Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who is an alumnus of the Business School and the founder of EasyJet,  a member of a renowned shipping family who later established Stelmar and is known globally for his humanitarian activities and impact, gave me the opportunity with the Scholarship to fulfil my academic plans., without which, none of this would ever have become a reality! I will always be grateful to Sir Stelios and the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation for this opportunity.

Without the scholarship, I would not be able to study here in the first place, so this constitutes the biggest impact it had on my life. Moreover, I will be part of Stelios Scholars family, a member of the wider Business School community and part of the MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance alumni network. All the above bolsters my future career endeavours and my personal life, as it provides me with a sense of togetherness and companionship which is crucial now more than ever."

Stefania Lai, MSc Finance (2021)

Stefania Lai

"When I finished my bachelor’s I was looking for a new challenge, something interesting that could broaden my horizon. I believe this master’s is an amazing opportunity to grow personally, technically and ethically. I knew that London was my next step. The Business School is one on the best schools in London and in the world, so I thought that I should try and see. I received an offer and I was really excited about this new journey.

When I found out I had received the scholarship, I couldn’t believe it, I was extremely happy. It was almost impossible, the number of applicants is really high and of course applicants’ academic achievement is impressive as well. It is an amazing opportunity and I am extremely grateful for this.

My biggest dream is to have a successful career in investment banking. I believe the Stelios scholarship will help my aspirations to become a reality. It has given me the unique opportunity to study in a rewarding university in London which is the right place to be if you want to begin a career in finance, that otherwise would not be possible."

Applications for students joining in September 2021 are now open, further details are listed on our scholarships page.