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The real-world experience: MSc Business Analytics

As Course Director for the MSc Business Analytics at the Business School (formerly Cass), I am delighted when students show a real passion and interest for the subject. Since Business Analytics programmes around the world have various aims, I wanted to share a little more about the flavour of our programme and what you could expect from studying this master’s with us.

The course objectives

Our direction is to develop analytics and data science skills into a business context so that data insights are not only discovered, but also explained to a technical audience. Also, in layman terms, discovering and explaining such insights are help achieve efficiency and effectiveness within an organisation, which is essential in this rapid changing economic environment that we are living.

The structure of the programme is designed accordingly, and the specialised knowledge acquired through the year is meant to provide a unique blend of academic and authentic experiential learning that are essential to the development of a successful business analyst; so that after graduation you feel well prepared to start your career.


Your first simple question – that can have very complex answer – is to decide upon your future career path. Our programme offers a strong skillset for a successful future, blending core data science skills and analytics translator skills.  If you’re someone with a technical background, interest in coding or computer science knowledge and are looking to build on your business acumen and management skills, this course is the perfect fit for you.

One of your goal is to take advantage of the Business School career resources and London dynamic business environment.  Our dedicated Career Development Team will start preparing you very early on, and you are encouraged to engage with these services as much as possible to make the most of them. They can offer mock interviews, CV guidance and many more services that can help you successfully navigate your job search.

The Industry Partnership Programme

Our unique Industry Partnership programme is an amazing opportunity to enhance your portfolio of skills and add new elements of professional development that are essential for early career graduate students. We have some fantastic partnerships with leading organisations where our students have the opportunity to undertake a project during their studies and gain real-world experience.

The upcoming projects for summer 2021 are in conjunction with various analytics consulting companies, companies from finance and insurance sectors, well known retailers, such as: Bank of England, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles UK, Rolls Royce UK, UK Government Actuary's Department, UK National Health Service (NHS), Vodafone UK. Gaining relationships with contacts within such well established organisations and including such hands on experience in your CV is invaluable after graduation.

Want to find out more? Hopefully this has offered an insight into our programme. If you do have further questions you can visit the MSc Business Analytics page to find all of the information, or ask a student currently studying the course!