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Top 3 Tips for International Students in the UK

Toby Tsz To Chea

1. Get visiting!

The UK is full of places to visit, like Hollyrood Palace in Edinburgh and Blenheim Palace in Oxford just to name a few. If you will be doing quite a fair bit of travelling while you are here, I would recommend getting a 16-25 Railcard as it saves 1/3 of your train and underground fare in off-peak and that can really add up to some serious savings! Do not forget to ask the staff in the underground to help add your Railcard discount to your Oyster Card as you cannot do it on your own.

2. Make the most of the careers support

Second of all, the careers support offered by the Cass Careers Team is excellent, especially if you are looking to find a job in the UK. It is important to note the differences in the interview style between your home country and the UK as they can be vastly different. Make good use of the career workshops and 1-2-1 sessions as they help you learn much more about the recruitment process in the UK.

In my experience, job interviews in Asia are focused on your technical knowledge while interviews in the UK assess on your competency. I would advise preparing and memorising examples that you have demonstrated qualities in areas such as leadership, communication and giving presentations.

3. Student discounts

You will be surprised by the number of shops which offer student discounts in the UK. When in doubt, always ask at the till if they offer any. Sites like Studentbeans and UNiDAYs can help you go a long way when shopping online, helping you keep within your budget while you splurge out money buying stuff that you don’t need!

Make good use of the Online Student Ambassador platform offered by Cass should you have any questions or just want to chat to find about more life in London and Cass in general. Student ambassadors (myself included) from various courses are always here to answer your queries! Ask a student a question here.

Toby Tsz To Chea, MSc Actuarial Management (2020)