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Top 5 Revision tips for the Winter break

My name is Azlin and I am a student of MSc in Business Analytics. While two of my modules heavily relies on coursework and hands-on learning through projects, I will be preparing for final exams for my other two modules. Here are my top 5 tips to make this easier:

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Plan ahead

It’s so easy to get carried away on the first day of Winter Holidays. Of course, I know we are all making plans to catch up friends and family (although perhaps virtually). However, set aside your study schedule and make plans around that. If you do not acknowledge revising for exams as a priority, then it just won’t happen.

Distraction-free study space

During your dedicated study hours, keep your phone away to minimize distraction. While it can be SUPER tempting, but it also slows down the process of revising. Sometimes, we don’t realize we are meaninglessly scrolling through our phone for hours, been there done that!  Have a clear, quiet space and if you are a coffee person like me, have your coffee mug and some snacks by your side.

Azlin Sohail's study space: MacBook Air on a desk with notepad and calculator

Make it fun and different

Reading the same subject all day, or using the same study technique becomes very monotonous and straight-up BORING. Try making colourful notes using highlighters, flashcards, or perhaps even switching up the topic if it’s been too long focusing on the same one.

Don’t procrastinate

This is so much easier said than done, but no matter what stick to your study plan. Do not put off what you planned to finish for the day. If you finish earlier than expected, that’s wonderful! If not, do what it takes to stay on track. For me I prefer waking up early when no one at home is awake, having a power breakfast and starting with refreshed and energized mind.

Reward yourself and take breaks

Whether its something small like your favourite chocolate bar, or a longer break to catch up with a loved one online, you still deserve to have a wonderful holiday. Celebrate your progress,  study hard, stay dedicated and you’ll automatically feel good about yourself! Wish you the best of luck.

Happy holidays! Have a productive and wonderful winter break!

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