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Cocktails, Classes and a Boost in Confidence

The past four months I have experienced as an MSc in Marketing Strategy and Innovation student at Cass have been one roller coaster ride after another, and I mean that in the best way possible. If you’re looking to challenge yourself in every way, this programme is the right place for people like you and me.

From assignments and deadlines, to group work and cocktails, you’ll never get bored!

When I first began the program I was especially impressed with the diversity of the student body, not just nationalities but especially the diversity of professional and academic backgrounds as well. This became even more interesting when we began our group projects, where you truly see the value of diversity in creative problem-solving.

Professor who?

My second favorite part about the course is the lectures simply don’t feel like lectures. The professors at Cass perceive students as equals, this allows for better engagement and an open group discussion where we are encouraged to challenge theories and to share our ideas. This has allowed us to feel valued, to become more responsible and to build our confidence, which has personally allowed me to boost my leadership skills.

Preparing for your future

The course structure in itself is more practical than theory-based and all that you will be learning is related to real-life case studies about some of the top enterprises of the world. This means that you will be given the opportunity to better prepare yourself for your career, whether it is for an interview or a job role that you will be pursuing once you graduate. And that’s what makes this program so special, this hands-on experience is not only innovative but it is also rarely found in other schools.

There are also endless amounts of societies and clubs for all tastes, in every sector, in every industry. I have personally found my place as an Executive Board member of the Global Women’s Leadership programme, where we host panels, workshops, and guest speaker events with some of today’s greatest leaders such as Dame Inga Beale, DBE and former CEO of Lloyds of London. Events such are great networking opportunities to allow students to stand out against other candidates when applying to jobs.

At Cass, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved with something they are passionate about. I am grateful for this amazing life experience and I look forward to what the next semester holds.

Khadija Cherif, MSc Marketing Strategy and Innovation (2019)