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A throwback to my year at Cass

Although my academic background is in computer science and engineering, I have always had a keen interest in learning about business and management. I wanted to academically explore it further, so I decided to take up the MSc Management at Cass Business School.

Student life kicks off

The course formally kicked off at orientation in October 2017, where I walked into an auditorium with approximately 100 people. Back then such a sight would have been extremely overwhelming for an introvert like myself, yet I had no idea that these unfamiliar faces would soon become an integral part of my experience at Cass.

Unlike the Indian system of education, the teaching system at Cass focuses a lot on group work which had me gradually connect with my peers of different nationalities, with different ideologies and different backgrounds. I feel fortunate to have worked with a budding film producer, an economist and a mechanical engineer, all at the same time.

Initially, I was not accustomed to working in groups, but over time I realised the true value of debate and discussion, which influenced my way of thinking– yes, for the better! The ideas suggested during meetings were often unique and contradicting in nature. While there were times when my peers sitting around the table held polar opposite opinions, the contrast brought ahead some amazing solutions. I feel this has made me more open-minded to the different situations that I encounter.

Work hard and play harder

The year has been such a rollercoaster ride, especially in London where you may experience four different seasons within the span of a single day. Furthermore, the events have been a revelation:  from freshers’ parties, to networking trips to Milan and Florence, the exposure has been extremely fun-filled and phenomenal.

The Cass library has been a great resource for me, I feel it is so easy to flip through the webpages in the comfort of my home. I have access to multiple databases so extracting supporting secondary data was never too hard.

As I reach my third term, nostalgia has already started kicking in as there are fewer classes with each passing day and everybody is focusing on completing their individual dissertations. I particularly miss indulging in more group work.

Putting my skills to the test

Nevertheless, working on this term’s real-time consultancy projects with large companies has been interesting. I am currently consulting for real estate giant Tishman Speyer exploring investment opportunities which has been intense yet satisfying.

I am also enthusiastic about working on a Corporate Responsibility Project for my dissertation– Cass is one of few business schools across the UK to provide such an opportunity to students! I look forward to presenting the findings to our client, the international law firm Slaughter and May, this August.

Overall, I feel pursuing a master’s degree at Cass is a lifetime opportunity where you get to experience the best of student life living in the heart of this truly global city, London.

Rushlene Kaur Bakshi, MSc Management (2018)