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Choosing Cass was a wise decision

After I arrived at Cass to study the MSc in Actuarial Science, I realised that I’d made a wise decision.

During my undergraduate studies at Queen’s University in Canada, I became interested in the actuarial profession. That’s when I first started to consider pursuing a master’s degree in Actuarial Science. I wanted to complete my master’s in a different location, somewhere full of opportunities and challenges, so I chose the UK.

I was lucky enough to get in touch with a Cass alumnus before applying. He told me a lot about this place. He shared his experience with me and he told me that Cass is not just a place to study, it is also a platform for you to explore and to connect with like-minded people. He also said that even though the one-year programme is demanding and tough, it is the most rewarding and memorable experience he has had.

About the MSc in Actuarial Science

The MSc in Actuarial Science at Cass is a one-year programme. All the modules offered are structured and graded based on the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) requirements. This means that you will not only receive your degree, but also some CT1 to CT8 exemptions upon graduation if you meet the grade threshold.

All the course instructors at Cass have years of vocational experience. For example, one of the module instructors has over 20-years working experience in pension funds. Instead of just giving us theoretical concepts from the textbook, he gave us real-life examples to help us fully understand the concepts. As a student without much experience in the workplace, such insights are extremely valuable.

Social events

The master’s programme is demanding and intense, but that does not necessarily mean you won’t have time for social events. In fact, Cass helps students succeed in their academic life and career. A variety of workshops are running each week to help you to prepare your CV and cover letter for job hunting. One-to-one interviews are also available to book if you have any specific concerns.

I attended the majority of the workshops and I found that they are of great significance. One point I really want to emphasise is that all career advisers in the Cass Career Team have years of experience as Human Resource managers or recruiters, which means they know exactly what companies are looking for and they can teach you how to match your abilities with the roles you apply for, eventually making you stand out from the other applicants to secure a job offer.

What’s more, Cass also holds different panel events to provide a platform for current students to connect with alumni. For example, by holding the actuarial science panel event, I got the opportunities to talk to senior directors from an insurance company and gained insights about the current UK markets. By engaging in conversations and asking questions, I understood more and gained greater knowledge about the insurance market in the UK than I could ever have learnt from a textbook or newspaper. By listening to their personal stories, I learnt techniques and skills that I can apply to my day-to-day study and work.

Having the opportunity to study at Cass makes it possible to meet and connect with people from all over the world. Listening to their stories, learning about their languages and cultures has enriched my business school experience.

Yue Yin, MSc Actuarial Science (2019)