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Priceless resources at Cass

Quality resources

I think one of the most important factors when choosing a business school is the quantity and more importantly, the quality of resources and facilities available.

Cass has certainly exceeded my expectations in providing resources for studying and facilitating guidance for job applications. When I chose Cass for the MSc Actuarial Management degree, I did not have much of an idea of the vast number of resources that were going to be provided to me.

Careers support

When I joined in the fall of 2018, I was given the opportunity to attend numerous workshops such as getting to know the library resources, job market trends in the UK for graduates and experienced people, job search strategy, writing effective cover letters, the art of networking, how to prepare for interviews, how to prepare for assessment centres, commercial awareness, the visa process and how to make a strong LinkedIn profile, CV and application.

These workshops have helped me a great deal to improve my knowledge on how to land a good job. The resources were of great help during the different stages of the application process while I was applying for graduate roles. The Cass Careers team were always there to support and give feedback on crucial stages like online interviews, assessment centres etc.

The library: a hub of financial resources

The Cass library has numerous academic resources, journals, articles and research papers in the business domain. Most of the books are also available online which does away with the fear of running out of hard copies.

In the library there is online as well as in-person support, helping you in understanding how to use these resources efficiently.

There is a separate database for financial information, which provides access to a wide range of financial data for both public and private companies. It is accessible across a range of platforms, on-site and from your own computer, giving you a brilliant opportunity to analyse the market data and have the fundamental and technical analysis.

There are many other resources to do market research and industry research through customer demographics, behaviours and trends.


Cass has a relationship with Bloomberg, which gives access to Bloomberg’s past and ongoing analyses over the market, providing news, analytics, real-time pricing for over 5 million securities worldwide plus extensive historical pricing and stock charts.

Also provided is an opportunity to attend Bloomberg courses and get certifications for the same. Cass also provides resources to get information about the companies, which really helps while preparing for coursework, projects and also in job interviews. It helps in gaining a holistic understanding of the company under one roof.

Financial Times subscription

Cass also offers a subscription to the Financial Times, which helps to keep updated with the current events and news of the financial markets across the globe.

The business school also regularly organises workshops which cover a wide range of trending topics.

Hopefully, by knowing what opportunities there are to take advantage of, you will be prepared for the many resources that will be provided to you.

Aditya Gupta, MSc Actuarial Management (2019)