Thesis titles of Executive PhD Programme candidates

Alexandra Skailes – Management: An investigation into the impact of charity mergers and acquisitions on the social value created for their beneficiaries.

Ana Cristina Dahik –Management: Configuration of cross-sector partnerships for social innovation against corruption: the case of Mexico

Barbara Wang – Management: Guanxi in the Western Context: Intra-firm group dynamics and expatriate adjustment

Burton Jay Flynn – Finance: What Matters in Corporate Governance for Small Companies Around the World?

Carla El Hage - Management: The Viability of Social Entrepreneurship: Are Successful Social Entrepreneurial Enterprises Driven by Social Value Creation or Revenue Generation Mind

Charles Wild – Management: Autonomy, collaboration and control in globalising professional services firms

Chase Cicchetti – Finance: Enhancing Currency Hedging Regimes for Emerging Market Equity Portfolios

Daniel Martinez Martin – Management: Unpacking Product Modularity Innovation in distributed R&D Teams

Eugen Andre Marinoff – Finance: Unravelling the Value of Cryptocurrencies: Do Digital Coins Improve the Efficiency and Performance of Traditional Investment Portfolios?

Faisal Zai - Finance: Financial Impact of natural disasters

Gerasimos Kouvaras – Management: The role of ideology in causing and managing organisational identity tensions: the case of international non-governmental organisations

Helene Gemayel – Management: Global Supply Chains: promoting universal values through CSR and corporate governance mechanisms

Isidora Mytilinaiou – Management: A conceptual organisational learning model for the effective use of hospital volunteers: The case study of the Children's Hospital Agia Sophia, Greece

Jaafar Al-Sarraf – Management: Financial literacy and inclusion among the blue-collar migrant workers: the case of money exchange industry in Qatar

Jasim Sady Al-Najmawi - Management: Qatari NGOs and International Development

Joe Delvaux – Finance: Essays on Sub-Saharan African Financial Markets

John Jacob – Management: The Impact of Digital Strategies on the Management of Pediatric Healthcare

Joshua Burgher - Management: Market-Driven Program Portfolio Optimization

Kamil Mirishov – Finance: Geographic location, economic stability and cash holdings management

Karl Rutter – Management: Academic Entrepreneurship: Drivers for entrepreneurship at elite universities in the United States

Kirsten Armit – Management: How Medical Directors actions influence medical engagement and organisational performance in the English NHS

Majed Aljaberi - Management: Environmental and Social Sustainability in Public Procurement

Muhammad Nadeem Aslam – Finance: The critical determinants of quasi-equity investments and firm’s capital structures – An Islamic banking perspective

Olubayo Adekanmbi - Management: Bandwagon luxury consumption behaviour of low-income groups– towards a model for BoP market penetration

Paul Douglas - Finance: Reporting on audited financial statements

Rafael Ramirez De Alba Lopez – Management: Evolution and Challenges to the Development of the Platform Economy in Latin America, the case of Mexico

Richard Odumodu – Finance: Essays in econometrics and political economy: An analysis of the dynamics of the African capital markets and economic growth

Richard Mason – Finance: Digital Enrollment Architecture and Retirement Savings Decisions: 'Evidence from Behavioral Field Studies’

Rob Roy – Finance: Opportunities in Portfolio Construction -Empirical Evidence of Inefficient Security Allocation in US Equity Mutual Funds

Ruth Wandhöfer – Finance: Technology innovation in Financial Markets: Implications for Money, Payments and Settlement

Sergio Mottola – Management: Managing Ecosystems: the logic of “functional integration” for companies managing a portfolio of business models focused at building high value for their consumers

Steve Shu – Finance: Behavioural Interventions to Reduce Savings Leakage

Valdery Moura Junior – Finance: Center of Excellence for Clinical Big Data: Transforming Biomedical Research and Healthcare

Ylva Baeckström- Management: Wealthy Investors and Financial Advisors Perceptual Variations, Portfolio Recommendations and Gender Differences