PhD candidates research topics

2014 Cohort

Ylva Baeckstrom

Making sense of investor needs: Using attribution theory to explain financial advisor investment advice for male and female high net worth clients

Daniel Martinez Martin

Product Modularity, Collaboration and the impact on Innovation Performance in intra-organizational R&D Networks

Barbara Wang

The globalisation of Chinese stated-owned multinational enterprises (SO-MNEs): guanxi and Liability of Foreignness (LOF)

2015 Cohort

Olubayo Adekanmbi

Bandwagon luxury consumption behaviour of low-income groups– towards a model for BoP market penetration

Jasim Al-Najmawi

Qatari NGOs and International Development

Joshua Burgher

Market-Driven Program Portfolio Optimization

Paul Douglas

Reporting on audited financial statements

Faisal Zai

Financial Impact of natural disasters

2016 Cohort

Muhammad Nadeem Aslam

The critical determinants of quasi-equity investments and firm’s capital structures – An Islamic banking perspective

Chase Cicchetti

Enhancing Currency Hedging Regimes for Emerging Market Equity Portfolios

Joe Delvaux

Essays on Sub-Saharan African Financial Markets

Bernd Kolkmann

Unprofitable tenants: the usual suspects? A case study of modelling tenant profitability.

Rick Mason

Smarter Screens to Improve Retirement Behaviour

Sergio Mottola

Managing Ecosystems: the logic of “functional integration” for companies managing a portfolio of business models focused at building high value for their consumers

Valdery Moura Junior

Center of Excellence for Clinical Big Data: Transforming Biomedical Research and Healthcare

Richard Odumodu

Essays in econometrics and political economy – An analysis of the dynamics of the African capital markets and economic growth

Karl Rutter

Academic Entrepreneurship: Drivers for entrepreneurship at elite universities in the United States

Ruth Wandhofer

The potential of Blockchain Technology for global payments: moving payments into the digital age

2017 Cohort

Majed Aljaberi

Environmental and social sustainability in public procurement

Kirstin Armit

How Medical Directors actions influence medical engagement and organisational performance in the English NHS

Ana Dahik

Configuration of cross-sector partnerships for social innovation against corruption: the case of Mexico

Carla El Hage

The viability of social entrepreneurship: Are successful social entrepreneurial enterprises driven by social value creation or revenue generation mind

John Jacob

The impact of digital strategies on the management of pediatric healthcare

Kamil Mirishov

Geographic location, economic stability and cash holdings management

Isidora Mytilinaiou

A conceptual organisational learning model for the effective use of hospital volunteers: The case study of the Children's Hospital Agia Sophia, Greece

Rafael Ramirez De Alba Lopez

Evolution and challenges to the development of the platform economy in Latin America, the case of Mexico

Steve Shu

Behavioural interventions to reduce savings leakage

Charles Wild

Autonomy, collaboration and control in globalising professional services firms