Raise your profile

You can benefit from our expertise in business and research specialties. These include finance, management, accounting, actuarial science and economics. In addition, the programme offers access to first-class, modern teaching facilities in the City of London, together with extensive global business and alumni networks.

Busy executives can study this part-time PhD over four years. You will explore a wide range of subjects, including the latest scientific insights and theoretical frameworks and practical applications, all set in a truly international context.

The Executive PhD comprises ten, five-day, 40-hour resident workshops in London. You will also be expected to work on your thesis for another 16 to 20 hours a week. The resulting qualification is not just highly prestigious and career enhancing; it offers clear practical benefits to employers and employees alike.

Develop your career

The Executive PhD is a key career development tool for senior executives working in the public, governmental, not-for-profit and commercial sectors. Recognised as a leader in your field, you will be looking for new opportunities to enhance your skills and academic status.

Because this programme has been developed for the executive market, the PhD thesis can be tailored to the particular focus and specialisms of individuals and the organisational contexts you work in.

Enhance your academic status

By undertaking this programme you will receive academic validation, demonstrate greater value to your organisation and develop career enhancing, transferable knowledge and skills.

Meanwhile, your organisation retains your expertise and benefits from a four-year research study that is tangible, actionable and bespoke to its specific needs and long-term objectives.