The FinTech Revolution in Financial Markets

Fintech is transforming the world of financial services. This one-day programme delivered in partnership with ­­New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) looks at the potential impact of the data science revolution on the finance industry.


Fast facts

Wednesday 2nd May1 Day                 £695                

Severin Boussie

Programme overview

Non-technical yet thorough in its approach, the programme is broken down into four key modules. Participants will be provided with an overview of current disruptive technologies, before further exploring the scope, scale and potential implications of each on the financial sector. Modules include:

  1. Rise of the robots
  2. Marketplace lending
  3. Big data
  4. Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain

Delivered using a mix of formats, the programme surveys the disruptive impact of modern data analysis techniques on the financial services industry.

Who will the programme be taught by?

Severin Boussie has over 13 years of experience within Capital Markets, and is the founder of Kitquant, which provides Data Science Consulting Services. A data scientist with a passion for Machine Learning and New Technologies, Severin has held senior roles in High Frequency Trading and Banking, His practical experience complements over 90 years of expertise provided by NYIF in finance professional training.

Who is the programme for?

The programme has been developed for those working within financial services, banking and regulatory policy, who want to deepen their own or their teams understanding of the concepts associated with Fintech.


This programme will enable participants to:

  • Understand the principle differences between classical data analysis and modern data science.
  • Understand the implications of electronic/algorithmic trading for price discovery and the structure of markets for financial instruments.
  • Appreciate the computational advances and the explosion of data (big data) that have enabled marketplace lending and other modes of financial services disintermediation.
  • Understand the mechanics of distributed ledgers and consider the long-term feasibility of digital currencies from a technological and regulatory perspective.