Custom programmes

Investing in training and developing people brings dividends for any organisation looking to prosper – both in boom times and in a more testing market.

A leading research institution, Cass Business School is independently ranked in the top 10 UK business schools for business and management research. Cass’ reputation as a leading business school draws dynamic and innovative academics to its faculty from all over the world.

Our clients come with very different training and development aims – from developing the vision and skills to drive strategic change, to bringing people up to date with the latest financial techniques. Partnering with Cass Executive Education to develop training solutions gives you a single gateway to access the latest ideas, leading research, innovative teaching methods and practitioner know-how to build a programme directly relevant to you.

How we work with you

Specially designed to tackle your business challenges, our programmes are developed in partnership with you. Each is designed around the need, strategy and culture of your organisation. Each is designed to be relevant, flexible and inspiring. Each creates real business advantage and real impact.

In partnership

Collaboration is at the heart of our custom programmes. We co-create each around your business needs, your ambition, your culture and your people. We work with you to identify your success criteria and how results will be measured.

Mutual understanding

We work hard to get to know you. We speak to key stakeholders, we research your organisation, we spend time with you. We get to know what works for you and what will make the biggest impact.

Learning across levels

Change begins with the individual, but requires many individuals to achieve momentum and critical mass. Our innovative programmes work at the individual, team and organizational level to ensure change sticks. Each programme contains a strong element of individual development to catalyse the profound personal transformation that leads to sustainable change and tangible business impact.

Globally connected

We live on a connected planet. Whether face-to-face, virtual or blended, the world's leading organisations choose us because of our connected approach to learning and our ability to deliver world-class learning experiences at speed, to large numbers of people, anywhere in the world.