Replacement Term Abroad & Sandwich Year Abroad

You will pay fees to Cass only; no tuition fees will be payable to the overseas university. Please check with the Student Exchange Office for further details.

If you receive a fees and/or maintenance loan from Student Finance England, please ensure you contact them to inform them about your study abroad term or year.


Tuition Fees

Study Abroad Programme:

Replacement Term Abroad

  • Home/EU (for the academic year): 75% of full tuition fees (fees may be subject to change)
  • Overseas (for the academic year): Full tuition fees

Sandwich Year Abroad

  • Home/EU (for the academic year):  £1,150 (fees may be subject to change)
  • Overseas (for the academic year):  £2,300 (fees may be subject to change)

Scholarships and Grants


Erasmus funding may no longer be available to students depending on the outcome of the Brexit deal or no-deal.

Travel Grant:

If your home address is in England, you may be eligible for a government travel grant. For more details and to check eligibility, please see: