Can I study anywhere abroad?

No, you can only study at one of our partner universities. However Cass has many exchange agreements with universities around the world; including in Asia, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and South America. All our institutions are highly ranked and are carefully selected to ensure that the course material available corresponds with our programmes.

Do I need to speak another language to study abroad?

No, for the Replacement Term Abroad programme you must take all your modules entirely in English.

For the Sandwich Year Abroad all of our partners offer options to study in English, but you can study in another language if you wish and if you possess the relevant language skills to do so. Some partners also offer language classes before the start of term. Speak to the Student Exchange Office for advice about where you wish to study.

Can I take a language module abroad?

Yes, you can choose language modules during your sandwich year abroad. You can also take one language module as an elective during your Replacement Term Abroad, if you are permitted to take an elective within your degree.

Can I take other non-business modules?

Replacement Term Abroad - no, all other electives must be business/finance related.

Sandwich Year Abroad – yes, you may take up to 50% non-business/finance related modules if you wish and if available at the partner university you will be going to.

Do I receive a qualification from the exchange university?

No, your degree qualification will only be from Cass. You will however receive a transcript of your term or year abroad results from the host university which can be used alongside your Cass transcript for job applications etc.

How do I find accommodation?

The host university will be able to help you with this. Some provide places in halls of residence while others will recommend suitable private options. All of this information will be sent to you once you are accepted on the exchange programme.

Can I take a placement year as well as studying abroad?

Yes, you may take a Replacement Term Abroad and a full placement year. Alternatively, within the Sandwich Year Abroad you can also divide the year so that you spend one term studying at an exchange university and the rest of the year in a self organised internship abroad.