Assessment & Credits


Replacement Term abroad (for all degrees except BSc Actuarial Science and BSc Accounting & Finance)

You need to complete a total of 4 modules at the exchange university. At US institutions these should be 3 credit and above modules only. You can also take one language elective of the host country as part of your selection, however the other three remaining modules must be business or finance related.

Sandwich Degree Study Abroad (for all degrees)

The modules you select for the sandwich year abroad should be relevant business electives, making up a full time course load. These will be approved by your Course Director. You will be expected to take all assessments required by the host university.

Although you will not receive credits towards your final degree award, if you spend a full academic year abroad and pass all assessments you will receive an appropriate endorsement on your Cass degree certificate.

Credit structure

Replacement Term abroad

On returning from the partner university we will convert your grades to the Cass system, giving you one overall grade for your second year.

Replacement Term Abroad

Cass Credits

  • Term 1: 60
  • Term 2: 60

Total Credits

Cass Credits

  • Total Credits: 120

Transfer of Grades

The Cass Student Exchange Coordinator will convert grades received at the host university to the equivalent Cass grades. The grade of each module will be converted individually and an overall average of these grades will be used as the final grade for Year Two. Tables for all Replacement 2nd Year desinations are available on request from the Student Exchange Office.