"Study abroad has given me multiple opportunities, especially to grow professionally and personally. It has allowed me to study different topics, meet new and amazing friends and travel. It has been one of the best episodes while at City University and I would not change it. It’s an invaluable experience that I would do over and over again."

- Marta Carrasco Mateu, BSc Business Studies

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Studying abroad as part of your Cass degree is an excellent opportunity to enhance your education. In today's global business environment international exposure gives you a vital edge in the employment market. Students who choose to study abroad can also improve their language skills, learn about new cultures and make new friends and contacts.

Below is a full list of our partner universities. The options available to you from the full list of partner institutions will depend on the study abroad programme you select. For more detailed information on this, please contact the Student Exchange Team.









Hong Kong


The Netherlands



South Korea




Replacement Term Abroad Programme
(Except BSc Actuarial Science and BSc Accounting & Finance)

Actuarial Science and Accounting students: Please note that you cannot take the second year abroad. This is due to the exemption requirements of the Institute of Actuaries and ICAEW respectively.

You can apply to spend the first term of your second year from your three year degree course studying abroad in English at one of our partner institutions. During your time abroad you will cover core material, taking equivalent courses at the host institution. Please check the entry criteria to see if you’re eligible to apply.

Sandwich Degree Study Abroad Programme

You can spend a year of your degree course studying at one of our partner institutions, between your second and third year of study. This would add a year to your degree so you would complete your degree in four years. Please check the entry criteria to see if you’re eligible to apply.

Summer Programmes

A Summer school is a short-term study programme, which gives you the opportunity to experience living in another country and to study short-courses abroad. Several of our partner universities run summer programmes which are open to years 1 and 2 undergraduate students. Summer Schools typically last between 2 and 6 weeks. These programmes are offered during holiday periods and you have the freedom to study from a range of subjects.

For queries, please email the Student Exchange Team

Student Exchange Team

Our dedicated Student Exchange Team are available to offer advice to students who wish to explore their study abroad options. They will also support students throughout the application process and during their study abroad year or term.