When will I get my degree certificate?

Upon successful completion of your course you are eligible for graduation. Your degree certificate will be presented at the graduation ceremony.

When does the graduation ceremony take place?

BSc students: The graduation ceremony for BSc students is normally held in mid-July following the the completion of your degree.

Specialist Masters and Charity Programme students: The graduation ceremony is normally held in January of the year following the completion of your degree.

Do I need an invitation?

Invitations to the graduation ceremony are normally sent out by Registry approximately six weeks in advance of the ceremony. It is important that you reply to this invitation should you wish to attend the ceremony.

What if I cannot attend the ceremony?

If you are unable to attend your Graduation Ceremony, your certificate will be posted to you, provided that you have replied to the invitation and given us an address to which your certificate can be sent.

How can I make sure that I receive my invitation?

It is important that you keep Registry up-to-date on any changes of address so that your invitation is sent to the correct address.

Can I bring guests?

Graduands may invite two guests to the ceremony.

Do I need to wear a gown?

All graduands attending a Ceremony are required to wear academic dress. City University uses a company called Ede and Ravenscroft to provide the academic dress, and gowns must be hired from them. This can be arranged online.

Is there a reception?

Each programme organises a graduation reception for all students who have completed their degree. This normally take place the evening before the ceremony or directly after and details and invitations will be sent to you before the event.

Further Information

Please refer to the University's website for more information on graduation.