How is group coursework assessed?

Where Coursework Assessment is by Group Coursework, this will be marked according to the modules assessment framework and may include some element of Peer Assessment. If you have any questions please contact your lecturer.

Do I have to go to all my induction sessions?

The induction programme has been developed with you, the student in mind, all of the sessions are chosen to provide you will all the information you may need throughout your studies. It is essential that you attend all induction sessions to ensure you are able to make full use of the services provided to you

What is Peer Assessment?

In many careers, working as part of a team is an integral part of the role. Learning the skills to support successful team working and build successful interpersonal relationships is an important element of your MSc course.

To help you to this, Cass has developed a peer review strategy which is part of the assessment for some of the modules on your degree.

Peer Assessment will make up part of your coursework grade for the module, combined with the mark that the lecturer gives the assignment, it will not appear as a separate grade.

Your performance as part of the group and the effort you make to engage with your peers therefore directly impacts on the coursework grade you receive for a module.
When you come to submit your group assignments in Moodle you will be asked to grade your fellow group members and comment briefly on their performance, they will be asked to do the same for you.

For more information please see the Peer Assessment student user guide.

How can the Course Office support me?

The Course Office supports students in academic-related matters such as course content, assessments and results. It also offers advice on general areas relating to your studies and help by advising you where to seek further information and support in specific areas. Each course has a dedicated Course Officer, based in the Course Office, who can help you with inquiries specific to your course.

When can I register for my electives?

Students will be asked to register for their third term electives in term two, after the January examinations. This will be completed online and students will be sent further information about the modules available, and instructions on how to register, by the Course Office.

How do I find a dissertation (project) supervisor?

You will have a supervisor allocated to you,based on your chosen topi. (for full details for your course, please see your Course Handbook).

Can I get an extra copy of my results transcript?

Yes. Students can request copies of both their interim transcripts (prior to completion) and final transcripts (after award). Transcripts requested are free. For further information and details about how to apply please see the MSc Exams & Assessments webpages.

How do I get a receipt for fees paid?

To request a receipt of fees paid, please contact the Finance Officer Bernice Maxwell

When do I get my exam results?

Following each exam period an Assessment Board meeting takes place for each course, at which marks for the students on that course are confirmed.

The Assessment Board meetings are timed to allow marking, second-marking and moderation (checking) of exam scripts following the exam period and normally take place in March, June and October.

After the Board has confirmed these marks the results are usually released to students as follows:

  • Term 1: Provisional transcripts will be released on-line within 48 working hours.
  • Term 2: Your Course officer will notify you by letter, accompanied with your interim transcript of results.
  • Term 3: Your Course officer will notify you by letter, accompanied by your final transcript.

You will receive an email from your Course Officer to tell you when to collect your results or arrange for them to be posted to you. For further information about transcripts please see the MSc Exams & Assessments webpages.