How can the Course Office support me?

The Course Office supports students in a variety of ways including the provision of course materials and text books, the processing of submitted course work, and the release of assessments and results.

When can I register for my electives?

Elective selection information will be sent out to you by the Course Office.

Can I get an extra copy of my results transcript?

Yes. Students can request copies of both their interim transcripts (prior to completion) and final transcripts (after award). Transcripts requested before Graduation are free; after Graduation a small fee of £10. Please contact the Course Office if you wish to make a request.

How do I get a receipt for fees paid?

To request a receipt of fees paid, please contact the Finance Department at

How do I pay my second installment of fees?

You can pay the second installment of your fees by Direct Debit or Bank Transfer. For further details on methods of payments, please see the Student Centre webpages.

When do I get my exam results?

Following each exam period an Assessment Board meeting takes place for each course, at which marks for the students on that course are confirmed. The Assessment Board meetings are timed to allow marking, second-marking and moderation (checking) of exam scripts following the exam period. After the Board has confirmed these marks the results are released to students in the form of a transcript, normally within 14 working days. You will receive an email from your Course Officer to tell you when these are available.