Work placement testimonials

From our employers

The annual internship program of RWC European Focus Fund provides an outstanding individual a unique opportunity to gain experience in active ownership investing in Europe by working alongside the fund’s entire investment team. We have found the quality of Cass applicants interviewed, since beginning our relationship with CASS in 2015, to generally be of a high standard. That, in combination with the good service we have received from the Cass placements team, has enabled us to find interns with the intellect and drive required to keep up with the steep learning curve of our internship.

- Petteri Soininen, Head of Engagements, RWC Partners

Cass business school students always perform well on our Industrial Placement scheme, they are able to directly apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt in their degree when working on client projects. This is hugely helped by the great support that they get from the placements team.

- Annie Casey, Entry Level Recruitment Sourcing Lead, Accenture

Cass Business School has consistently provided Lloyds Banking Group with high quality industrial placement candidates from their undergraduate population. These undergraduates demonstrate a rounded skill set which make them an asset as soon as they join the organisation. Lloyds has gone on to employ a number of Cass graduates and looks forward to working with the School in the future.

- Michael Parsons, Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking

From our students

Working at Goldman Sachs has allowed me to develop strong technical skills as well as build a valuable network across the entire firm. The placement was a great way to learn both about the company and its people, as well as structured products. The placement is beneficial to the firm too as they get to know their interns throughout the year and are able to assess their performance based on real projects. Additionally, successful placement students are able to hit the ground running when they start as analysts the following year.

- Andreas Ziehme, BSc (Hons) Banking and International Finance

Having the opportunity to work at the Bank of England during my placement year has helped my career but also helped me on a personal level. Returning to my final year at Cass, I now take the opportunity to express my opinion and engage more confidently in discussions. As a Project Assistant, I had the opportunity to complete individual pieces of work which made me feel a valued member of the Bank. The Bank benefited from the ideas that I contributed and were so impressed that they offered me a role as a Data Change and Innovation Analyst after I graduate.

- Christoforos Konstantinidis, BSc (Hons) Business Studies

During my placement, I worked in a very small team so was directly involved in helping in every task. The broad structure of my course helped a lot because we covered a large variety of areas. I worked in the mortgage business and my academic knowledge of how banks make loans was very helpful to the company. The networking and social skills I learned at Cass helped me to build relationships at work. My team appreciated this the most as I was able to quickly absorb information and learn in a fast-paced environment, exceeding their expectations.

- Kristina Reshetova, BSc (Hons) Banking and International Finance