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In conversation with's Julien Callede

Julien Callède shared his entrepreneurial journey with Axel Threlfall, Editor-at-Large at Thomson Reuters at EntrepreneursTalk@Cass


Speaking to a packed auditorium at Cass Business School, Julien Callède, co-founder and former COO of shared his experiences on education, building a successful eCommerce business and what challenges he has faced throughout his career.

We have a customer living on every street in London!

Julien Callède
Co-founder and former COO,

On Education

He said business school taught him valuable lessons, but gaining experience from previous jobs and then, later running a business was the best learning curve. can boast it has a customer in every street in London, but when asked if he knew the business would succeed, he said, “On paper, sure! But the reality is, you never know.”

On Challenges

Their biggest challenge was growth – not something most companies might regard as a test.

“ gathered momentum very quickly, but because we didn’t anticipate such rapid growth, we made mistakes, mainly, we faced logistical challenges that came with growing the business so quickly.

He added, “Yes, it as successful, but at times, it was difficult.”Julien Callède

On Growth

“While wears many hats, we’re fundamentally an eCommerce business,” said Julien.

He continued, “There are two ways to grow an eCommerce business: increase traffic or increase conversion rate. If possible, always opt for the latter.”

On Innovation

Despite finding success in the digital marketplace, kept their brand fresh by opening physical showrooms.

“People don’t tend to buy chairs they don’t sit on first.”

Julien also noted that MADE’s model of releasing a new collection every week keeps the company fresh and dynamic:

“It’s very efficient. We can see what works and what doesn’t very quickly. When a collection isn’t selling, we can regroup quickly – we learn and then move on.”

About EntrepreneursTalk@Cass

EntrepreneursTalk@Cass (in partnership with Thomson Reuters) are intimate, in-depth interviews with some of the UK’s most innovative and inspirational tech entrepreneurs. Meet them up close and personal at Cass Business School, with plenty of time for your questions.

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