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The Rt. Hon. Lord Baker delivers the 9th annual Sir John Cass’s Foundation Lecture

The Sir John Cass’s Foundation Lecture, now in its 9th year, was given by Rt. Hon. Lord Baker of Dorking CH.

The annual lecture, held at Cass Business School, was delivered by Lord Baker and was entitled: ‘The Intelligent Hand – how we can solve the problem of people without jobs and jobs without people.'

His lecture focused on how to solve the problem of the skills gap that is developing in Britain, and explored the changing role of technical education in the sector.

In his lecture, Lord Baker said:

“The greatest problem facing our educational system is that it is not being geared up to providing what industry, business and commerce require. That has led to the extraordinary position of people without jobs and jobs without people.

“…we are moving into a new digital age which we have done before and we will do again. Old jobs will disappear and new jobs will emerge. It is our duty to equip the young people of today with a variety of skills, some practical and some technical, some soft like communication, cooperation, imagination and innovation, which will give them the power to adapt to the new challenges and opportunities. Their working lives are likely to be more fluid than that of their parents and certainly their grandparents. It will include a variety of experiences, some part-time, some self-employed, some working in small teams in offices or plants they hire for a day. All this variety will need a mass of varied skills to sustain it.

"So let us over the next years elevate the importance of technical, practical, vocational, hands-on training and learning to give our young people the capacity to find work wherever it may be. We are at the early dawn of what could be a great day.”

A full transcript of the lecture can be found here.

Lord Baker lecture  © Duncan Phillips Photography

About the Sir John Cass’s Foundation Lecture:

The annual Sir John Cass’s Foundation Lecture seeks to advance debate about the future of education in the UK. The Sir John Cass’s Foundation is very keen to foster and encourage debate within the field of education and to explore meaningful and well thought out programmes that improve the life chances of pupils and students living in London. The lectures are given by high profile policy makers and commentators. Past speakers include Lord Adonis, Michael Gove MP, Ed Balls MP, Martin Bean and Dr Anthony Seldon.

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