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Cass MBAs manage their own phone store for the day

Cass MBAs tackle real commercial scenarios as part of business simulation project

Cass Business School MBA students became the managers of a specialist mobile phone store for a day as part of a competitive business simulation project.

Designed by Business Smart International, the simulation put students in charge of overall business performance, including sales, marketing, staff, stock management and financial performance.

Over the course of the day, which was divided into four sales quarters, the teams reviewed their original strategy to react to competitor moves and changing market forces.

Timing was a pressing concern for most teams as they worked right up to the quarter deadlines to sustain growth and improve performance. 

MBA Business Sim

The winning team of students were Kostis Karagiannis, Hsiang-Chun Sun, Allen George, Tim Ball, Kandhas Muthu, Danya El Zein and Sesha Srikanth Chittarvu.

"The day was a very enjoyable simulation allowing us to experiment with many of the theories we had covered so far in the course." said Timothy Ball, FT MBA Candidate.

"What benefited our team the most was that we combined not only the learnings we had from the block we'd just completed (HR, Operations & Marketing), but also our previous learnings from Strategy and Accounting." added his team mate Danya El Zein.

"We were made to feel like the decisions we were making would have an impact - we were not acting in a bubble where we already know the answers. Unlike other projects, where we are asked to write a paper or present research, this project gave us the opportunity to interact in a near real life scenario."

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